Spreading brand awareness and effective marketing communication to the targeted audience are the main responsibility of a Social Media Manager. A Social Media Manager selects the appropriate marketing platform, engages in various blogs and write-ups to promote the product, resolves customer queries and provides feedback to the higher authorities on the responses obtained. To sum up, this job profile plays a very vital role in the product life cycle and acts as an intermediary between the company and the end users.

The average compensation package of a Social Media Manager in India is Rs.454, 999. This compensation package usually has a fixed component in form of salary and a variable component in form of Bonus. To have a better understanding of the compensation associated with this post, the salary and bonus bifurcation in accordance to various parameters are given below.

Years of Experience

Years of relevant work experience is a key differentiator of Salary and the Bonus components. The median range of the salary offered and the bonus is given below.

Years of Experience Amount
Salary 1 to 4 years Rs.122554 – Rs.1174457
Bonus 1 to 4 years Rs.3000
5 to 9 years Rs.78000

Place of Posting

Salary offered to employees in the same grade differs with their place of posting. This is due to the varied cost of living in these different locations. The median salary range and the bonus associated with the city are given below. For better understanding, two major business hubs i.e. Mumbai and Bangalore are given.

City Amount
Salary Mumbai Maharashtra Rs.180000 – Rs.700000
Bangalore Karnataka Rs.245266 – Rs.732503
Bonus Mumbai Maharashtra Rs.6000
Bangalore Karnataka Rs.45000

State of Posting

Different states in India have different economies and the cost of living differs from one to the other. Considering this criteria, companies have fixed different salaries for employees working in different states. The salary range and bonus component for a Social Media Manager across the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka are given below.

State Amount
Salary Maharashtra Rs.183126 – Rs.687845
Karnataka Rs.245266 – Rs.732503
Bonus Maharashtra Rs.6000
Karnataka Rs.45000


Social Media Manager plays an important role across all industries, but their role and expertise is more often used in IT services. Since the products are non-tangible, they need to be better managed and promoted in terms of communication. The average salary and bonus offered in this industry is as follows.

Industry Amount
Salary T Services Rs.228463 – Rs.732503
Bonus IT Services Rs.45000

Benefits and Perks

A Social Media Manager enjoys attractive benefits and perks apart from the regular salary and bonus. These benefits and perks are given in order to motivate employees and carry out the duties effectively. The various benefits and perks associated with this job are given below.

Benefits/ Perk Amount
Paid Sick Leave Rs.235832 – Rs.508682
Free Drinks/Coke/Juice/Water Rs.226800 – Rs.700000
Casual Dress / Atmosphere Rs.226800 – Rs.630000
Paid Holiday / Vacation Rs.256800 – Rs.700000

To become successful as a Social Media Manager, one needs to be tech. savvy, vigilant, expressive, good communicator and have a convincing personality. Considering the relevance of the job, companies are willing to lure them with attractive salary, bonus and additional benefits and perks.

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