About the Wipro Technologies

Wipro Technologies is a popular job destination among the software engineers of India. The company offers a rewarding career in terms of salary and various knowledge enhancement training programs. Wipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd is well known as one of the innovative and leading companies in the Indian technological scenario. It recruits the most talented engineers through campus placement and other job agencies all across the country. Software engineer salary in Wipro also includes some of the benefits as mentioned below

  • Life insurance
  • Paid sick leave
  • Relocation expenses
  • Interest-free housing loan
  • Interest-free loan for 2-wheeler
  • Loan for marriage, death or illness of family member(s)
  • Stock options to deserving employees through WESOP (Wipro Employee Stock Option Plan)

On an average, the salary range for female software engineers in Wipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is INR 300,695 to INR 613,126. The salary range for male software engineers in Wipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is INR 308,921 to INR 853,225.

Software Engineer’ Salary in Wipro as Per Designation

The median salary ranges of software engineer in Wipro Technologies Limited as per designation are as follows:

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Salary of Software Engineers in Wipro as Per the Qualification:

The median salary ranges of software engineers in Wipro Technologies as per academic qualification are as follows:

Academic Qualification Median Salary Range (per year)
Bachelor of Science Degree INR 222522 – INR 1144588
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) – Electronics and Communications INR 284860 – INR 1486466
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) – Computer / Electronics INR 221273 – INR 709295
Master of Computer Applications (MCA) INR 314209 – INR 1517914

Average Salary of software engineers in Wipro Technologies as per years of experience:

The average salary ranges of software engineers in Wipro Technologies as per years of experience are as follows:

Years of Experience Average Salary (per year)
Less than 1 year INR 279597
1 year to 4 years INR 338391
5 years to 9 years INR 619601
10 years to 19 years INR 1210522
More than 20 years INR 1812657

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Salary of Software Engineers in Wipro as per the Cities in India:

The average salary of software engineers in Wipro Technologies as per different cities in India are as follows:

Name of the City Average Salary (per year)
Bangalore Karnataka INR 475418
Pune Maharashtra INR 514343
Chennai Tamil Nadu INR 417556
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh INR 441498
Mumbai Maharashtra INR 496709
Kolkata West Bengal INR 492123

Certifications Required to become a Software Engineer in Wipro

For getting a job in Wipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd., software engineers in India need to have a PAN (Permanent Account Number) and registration with NSR (National Skills Registry). All certificates go through a fair evaluation process. The minimum marks required for a job as software engineer are – 50% aggregate marks in Xth and XIIth standard examinations. Mathematics needs to be a compulsory subject in higher secondary. The applicants also need to have 60% aggregate in graduation. Candidates with B.Sc (Electronics/CS/ Statistics/Mathematics/Physics), BCM, BCA certifications can apply for a post. Candidates with a graduation degree in Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Nutrition & Dietetics, Visual Communication, Zoology, Botany, Biology, Home Science, Marine Biology, Hotel Management & Food Technology, and Marine Biotechnology are also recruited in various designations.

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Career Growth for a Software Engineer’s in Wipro

Upon joining Wipro Technologies, the software engineers receive world-class training through different programs and state-of-the-art tools, which help them achieve excellent results in the information technology field. The company helps skill and knowledge development at every level through its focus on soft skills, corporate training and technical development. There is ample scope for growth in this company as it offers top-class working environment, professional management, and challenging projects so that the deserving employees can get the highest recognition and rewards.

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