Software Engineering is one of the most lucrative career options the job market in India has to offer. On an average a software engineer can earn around INR 192,852 – INR 698,055, with variations based on work experience, expertise, field of work, sex etc. Before going to further details regarding their remunerations it is however imperative to mention that the extraordinary pay packets designed for software engineers are triggered by the demand for these professionals in major industries like information technology, Insurance, Financial Services, Banking etc.

Software Engineer Salary Based on Experience

Job Category Experience Average Annual Salaries
Principal Software Engineer 1-4 years INR 487,000-INR 1,600,000
5-9 years INR 610,231-INR 1,755,970
10-19 years INR 1,018,224-INR 2,996,666
Associate Software Engineer Less than a year INR 182,746-INR 384,722
1-4 years INR 175,083-INR 548,532
5-9 years INR 401,345-INR 948,799
10-19 years INR 610,419-INR 1,220,838
Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer Less than a year INR106,523-INR405,470
1-4 years INR 164,279-INR 552,803
5-9 years INR 271,240-INR 1,013,674
10-19 years INR 480,000-INR 2,000,000
Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer Less than a year INR 276,950-INR 320,470
1-4 years INR 321,904-INR 750,387
5-9 years INR 447,539-INR 1,072,805
10-19 years INR 489,559-INR 2,426,171

Software Engineer Salary Based on Industry

Considering the variations in workload, type of work and policies, different industries have designed their pay packets differently which comply with the factors mentioned above:

Job Category Industry Average Annual Salaries
Principal Software Engineer ERP Software INR484,790-INR1,648,672
Software Development INR594,749-INR 2,169,754
Database Software INR1,017,365-INR 1,767,569
Software Applications INR774,690-INR2,989,985
Computer Data Storage INR1,248,000-INR2,663,274
Telecommunications INR301,001-INR 2,576,050
Computer Software/Hardware INR121,641-INR 3,649,405
Associate Software Engineer IT Consulting INR216,000-INR 488,335
IT Services INR182,090-INR 624,583
Insurance INR151,006-INR 695,305
Financial Services INR181,207-INR 1,191,952
Software Applications INR143,478-INR 537,247
Consultancy INR248,152-INR 369,202
Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer IT Consulting INR255,969-INR741,902
IT Services INR155,999-INR 535,146
Banking INR250,310-INR755,030
ERP Software INR159,000-INR 696,500
Software Applications INR121,078-INR632,465
Telecommunications Software INR174,063-INR620,398
Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer IT Consulting INR382,389-INR 964,510
IT Services INR361,217-INR 871,709
Banking INR300,000-INR 1,080,899
Financial Services INR388,550-INR 1,135,861
Software Applications INR311,428-INR 988,892
Software Development INR355,105-INR1,024,394

Software Engineer Salary Based on Certification

While an aspiring software engineer has unlimited scope to excel in his preferred field depending on his skills, he also will have the chance to rake in salaries suitable to his skills:

Job Category Skills/Certification Average Annual Salaries
Principal Software Engineer UNIX INR 967,271-INR 2,239,540
Java INR896,185-INR2,472,959
Linux INR 935,976-INR 1,915,984
C INR 935,976-INR 1,915,984
C++ INR 702,169-INR 2,518,345
SQL INR 800,000 -INR 2,161,797
Oracle INR 987,342 -INR 1,635,000
Associate Software Engineer .NET INR 158,336-INR532,468
Java INR 192,271-INR 575,141
C# INR 148,145-INR 549,662
C INR 196,397-INR 548,039
VB.Net INR 118,157-INR 526,353
SQL INR 148,994-INR 682,458
ASP.Net INR 129,190-INR 583,321
Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer ASP.NET INR 121,078-INR 527,472
Java INR 167,763-INR 614,379
C# INR 121,356 -INR 609,241
C INR 177,011-INR 691,859
JavaScript INR 144,700-INR 545,318
C++ INR 151,065-INR 671,197
SQL INR 157,379-INR 585,580
.NET INR 125,827-INR 632,637
Senior Software Engineer ASP.NET INR 335,331-INR 882,388
Oracle INR 354,410-INR 1,000,351
C# INR 356,231-INR 926,555
C++ INR 409,263-INR 1,232,828
Java/J2EE INR 370,280-INR 1,009,001
PL/SQL INR 352,333-INR 1,000,046
.NET INR 349,798-INR 936,732

Software Engineer Salary Based on degrees

Job Category Degree Average Annual Salaries
Principal Software Engineer Master of Computer Applications or MCA, Computer Science INR1,000,000-INR 1,548,500
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Electrical Engineering (EE) INR1,200,000-INR 2,000,000
Bachelor’s Degree INR775,110- INR 2,309,792
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Computer Science INR129,421-INR 2,908,740
MBA INR630,000- INR 2,063,534
Associate Software Engineer Bachelor of Technology/BTech, IT INR125,850-INR 626,253
Bachelor’s Degree INR178,226-INR 596,469
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science INR96,644-INR 526,445
MCA, Computer Science INR152,500-INR 671,250
Bachelor of Engineering INR183,800-INR 349,714
Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer Bachelor of Science, Computer Science INR147,395-INR 366,251
Bachelor’s Degree INR147,395-INR 366,251
BTech, Computer Science and Engineering INR120,853-INR 618,252
BEng/BE, Electrical Engineering (EE) INR310,748-INR 415,000
Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science INR98,920-INR 969,580
Senior Software Engineer Bachelor of Science, Computer Science INR322,000-INR 921,751
Bachelor’s Degree INR364,083- INR 998,524
BTech, Computer Science and Engineering INR363,884-INR 946,873
BEng/BE, Electrical Engineering (EE) INR313,005-INR 927,251
MCS, CS INR575,386-INR 1,208,048

Software Engineer Salary Based on Cities

Pay structures in different cities are directly proportional to the corresponding costs of living:

Job Category City Average Annual Salaries
Principal Software Engineer Pune, Maharashtra INR 993,293-INR2,055,549
Bengaluru, Karnataka INR 689,507-INR 2,559,170
Noida, Uttar Pradesh INR 1,176,400-INR1,529,142
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 593,917 – Rs1,734,518
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 402,683-INR2,383,903
Gurgaon, Haryana INR 904,024-INR 2,034,730
Associate Software Engineer Pune, Maharashtra INR 223,526-INR 715,631
Bengaluru, Karnataka INR 189,513-INR 576,577
Noida, Uttar Pradesh INR 132,400-INR 380,957
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 184,163-INR 591,100
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 167,844-INR 740,263
Kolkata, West Bengal INR 172,971-INR 618,252
Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 194,506-INR 646,183
Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer Pune, Maharashtra INR 177,100-INR 750,187
Kolkata, West Bengal INR 121,366-INR 611,130
Bengaluru, Karnataka INR 185,476-INR 625,044
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 174,524-INR 642,695
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 149,319-INR 619,580
Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 142,072-INR 511,958
Senior Software Engineer Pune, Maharashtra INR 375,091-INR 1,009,396
Gurgaon, Haryana INR 383,457-INR 1,015,803
Bengaluru, Karnataka INR 385,557-INR 1,102,649
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 335,788-INR 1,122,527
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 297,988-INR 899,960
Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 374,052-INR 826,01

Salaries Based on Gender

Job Category Gender Average Annual Salaries
Principal Software Engineer Female INR178,793-INR1,870,630
Male INR790,946-INR2,441,648
Associate Software Engineer Female INR182,046-INR594,082
Male INR173,846-INR593,808
Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer Female INR173,114-INR600,147
Male INR146,837-INR628,118
Senior Software Engineer Female INR357,404-INR848,953
Male INR364,028-INR1,031,095