A software tester is an important cog in the wheel of the IT industry specifically in the software segment (designing and fabrication). As the terminology implies, a software tester’s focal responsibility is to ensure the viability and versatility of a software (irrespective of the type) before it is approved for commercial production.

The software tester also assumes the roles of QA analyst, Testing Analysis, Software Analyst, Software Engineer, and QA Engineer depending upon the stage or level at which any specific software is used. So, software testers are also actively engaged in debugging, identifying the various malwares or viruses that might affect a computer or computer systems or networks. In fact, a software tester is involved with any troubleshooting task that you can envisage of as far as softwares are concerned.

Job Profile of a Software Tester

A software tester is a consummate professional who has the knowhow to detect anomalies in softwares that might not be noticeable to the layman. One usually finds software testing professionals working in a large organization or establishment in the IT sector where softwares are indispensable either as an employee or as a self-established service provider. In order to identify and fix problems related to softwares, software testers need to be well-versed in the various computer or software programming languages.

Salary structure for different job positions or roles as a software tester

The remuneration of a software tester obviously differs from country to country and there might also be a wide variance in pay-scales across different firms and organizations. In the USA the median annual salary ranges from $ 46,000-$75,000 whereas in India the gross yearly income is in the range of INR 247,400-INR 449,120. Apart from his salary, a software tester is also eligible to receive gratuity, health insurance, incentives, and bonuses, and many other amenities.

Salary Structure According to Working Experience

The following table gives a computation of salaries at different levels of job positions as a software tester according to years of professional experience.

Job Description Years of Experience Average Annual Salary ( INR )
Program Analyst 2 3.6
Software Test Engineer 4 4.3-4.5
Software Tester 2.3-2.5 1.92-2.16
Test Engineer 2 2.40-2.64
Test Lead 38572 9.84-10.32
Test Lead 9 41527
Software Test Engineer 4 6.5
Software Tester 1 2.40-2.64
QA Specialist 6 8.16-8.40
Automation Software Tester 2 2.64-2.88
Test Lead 6 6.0-6.22
Project Manager Testing 10 41559
Sr. Software Test Engineer 5 38845
Sr. Test Analyst 6 38572

Median Salary by Region of Posting

Depending on the region or place, where a software tester might be employed or posted, there is going to be a wide variance in the average salaries for different job positions. Invariably the cost of living is the most important determinant that employers take into account when computing salaries for the various work positions. Obviously the salaries and remunerations are higher in Class-A cities and metro towns. The following table gives a listing of salaries regionwise.

Cities Annual Average Salaries
Bangalore Karnataka INR 244168 – INR 682621
Pune Maharashtra INR 232853 – INR 2446785
Chennai Tamil Nadu INR 217449 – INR 595976

Annual Average Salaries of Automobile Engineers Based on Degree or Certification

Both the academic background and the professional certification influence the average pay packets of these engineers in a major way:

Location Average Salary ( INR )
Bangalore Karnataka 41496
Chennai Tamil Nadu 6
Trivandrum Kerala 9.84
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 41527
Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 41370
Delhi (Gurgaon NCR region) 41495
Kolkata (West Bengal) 41400

Median Salary According to Educational Qualifications

It goes without saying that, the more academically qualified a software tester is the higher is his take home pay. The table below lists salaries according to one’s academic qualifications. The salaries listed below are tentative as median salaries for different job positions (requiring the same educational qualifications) might vary from company to company and from place to place.

Academic qualification Median Salaries ( INR )
Bachelor of Engineering (electronics) 41369
Bachelor of Science 41400
Bachelors in Computer Applications 38509
Bachelor of Technology 38572
Masters of Computer Applications 41527
Masters in Technology 41559
Masters in Science (software) 41621