Surat is the port city of Gujarat. Surat is one of the major cities of the country and also having a major Industrial hub with high standard of living. The Process of development is mainly driven by diamond processing, textiles and chemical & petrochemical industries. Due to his favourable location for trade, It was known from very ancient time as a trading centre of India.

There are many Industrialist interested in setting up industries in Surat. In fact, major corporates like Larsen and Toubro, Reliance Petrochemicals, ONGC, Torrent Power and Shell are having the manufacturing unit in surat. Other corporate houses and MNCs are GAIL, ABG Shipyard, Narmada Cement, Ambuja Cement,Ultratech Cement, NTPC-KGPP Power Plant, ESSAR Group of Industries(Steel/Power/Chemical/Oil/Shipping), L&T, Reliance PVC, Reliance Petroleum, Kribhco-Fertilizer mammoth, GSPC, Gujarat Gas, Shell, LNG, Naiko Gas and Rama Paper Mill etc.

These corporate houses MNCs and other foreign investor are keenly interested in investing in surat. The city is also successful in attracting the significant amount of Foreign Investment mainly in energy, oil and petroleum. The policy maker are also indulge in making the favourable environment for investment. The purpose of domestic Investment and FDI for policy maker is only to create jobs and accelerating the wheel of growth and development.

Professionals in Surat

Surat is paying the fair amount of remuneration to their professional employees. The Bachelor Degree holders and Associate Degree holders (with experience of 0-2 year)are having the average annual salaries of Rs. 1.02 to Rs. 11.9 lakh, which is slightly lower than the major metropolitan cities in India. Just have a look on salary of Degree holder

Salary of Policemen at Junior Level
Degree/Major Subject Salary Bracket
MBA Rs. 1 14 550 – Rs. 7 09 572
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng / BE) Mechanical Engineering (ME) Rs. 1 81 207 – Rs. 1 092 622
BEng / BE Electronics & Communications Engineering Rs. 1 22 111 – Rs. 6 65 878
MBA Finance Rs. 1 65 000 – Rs. 3 90 000
BEng / BE Electrical Engineering Rs. 3 60 000 – Rs. 1 500 000
MCA Applications Development Rs. 3 53 749 – Rs. 1 102 497
MBA Human Resources Rs. 78 000 – Rs. 6 50 000

SIT Project managers are enjoying the annual (Median) salary package of Rs. 10.9 lakh, where the Chartered Accountant are getting the Rs. 7.7 lakh annual package, which is much above the national average. The civil engineers are remunerated with the average (Median) salary of Rs. 7.7 lakh annually . Where, the accountants are getting around Rs. 1.8 lakh annually.

Salaries in accordance with Industries

In Surat, the highest annual packages are offered by Banking Industry. Have a look on the salaries of other Industries. Median Salary by Industries

Salary of Policemen at Junior Level
Industry Salary
Steel Manufacturing Rs. 4 80 249
Software Development Rs. 1 98 000
IT services Rs. 2 00 000
Banking Rs. 5 30 000
Manufacturing Rs. 4 14 952
Web Development Rs. 1 17 916
Education Rs. 1 80 000

Concluding Remark

Surat is growing city with upward moving graph of growth and development. The corporate houses are very much interested in investing in city, having huge potential and geographic advantage for trade and commerce. The salaries in Surat are at par with the metropolitan cities. The unemployment level is also very much low or negligible.