Thane is the district of Maharashtra and its comes under Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Culturally, It is the part of Mumbai. Thane is the third largest Industrialized place in Maharashtra. There are 18,480 small scale Industries and 1548 large and medium scale in Thane district. These Industries mainly includes the Drugs, Textiles, Adhesives, Plastics, Rubber, Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Fertilizers, Electronics, Chemicals and Iron & Steel. The capital goods Industries are also most prominent industries over there. Manufacturing Industry also plays an important role in Thane to boost the economic activities and contributing largely to state’s GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product).

The Financing facilities are also easily available to the manufacturing Industry and other Industries. Financial services has been provided by public sector and private sector bank and financial institutions in the district. The Bank of Baroda is known to be leading bank of public sector in Thane. There are around 60 branches of this bank in Thane.

If we talk about the Services sector in thane, according to the Economic survey of Maharashtra, the district is performing well in services sector and contributing the highest share in services among all districts of Maharashtra.

Thane has their own Municipal corporation and also have their own transportation services, since 1989. Other transportation services like Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) and Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) are well connected with Thane transportation services. The cost of living index in Thane is much below than the Mumbai. Mumbai is much more expensive city to live in. So, some middle class people use to prefer thane than Mumbai.

Salaries of Professionals and others in Thane

In Thane, General manager and operation Manager are enjoying the handsome amount of the salary. IT manager are also enjoying handsome amount of salary. Let’s see the other professional’s remuneration.

Median Salaries of Professionals
Profession / Job Salary
Teacher Assistant Rs. 290000
Software Developer Rs. 138000
General / Operation Manager Rs. 790000
Secondary School Teacher Rs. 360000
Accountant Rs. 220000
Physiotherapist Rs. 180000
IT Manager Rs. 750000

If we talk about the degree holder, MBA degree holder are paid well. They are enjoying their salary in the range of Rs. 85,000 – Rs. 14,00,000. The Bachelor Degree holders with the experience of 0-2 year are having the remuneration in the bracket of Rs 97,000 – Rs. 9,19,000. Associate degree holder are paid in bracket of Rs 1,98,000 – Rs 5,92,000. Where, engineering degree holder get the package in the bracket Rs. 1,98,000 – Rs. 5,92,000.

Banking sector flourished all over the Delhi. This led to increase the great opportunities to the jobseeker in Delhi to work with in these financial institutes. Branch managers are enjoying the highest salary. Financial Analyst are earning more than the Credit Analyst. See other professionals in banking sector in the table given below.

Salaries in accordance with Industry

Well developed service sector having the healthy financial sector. This led the financial sector to pay their employee a handsome amount of salary packages. The employee of the financial services are enjoying the highest salary packages in Thane. With the healthy environment for manufacturing and capital goods industry, the need for the engineering services are also on the peak. This makes the employees in engineering services paid well in accordance with the other Industries. Just have a look on Median salaries of Industry wise.

Median Salary by Industries
Industry Salary
IT Services Rs. 300000
Financial Services Rs. 1330000
Web Development Rs. 100000
Manufacturing Rs. 235000
Construction Rs. 250000
Speciality Chemical Manufacturing Rs. 300000
Engineering Services Rs. 878000

Concluding Remarks

Thane is one of the district in Maharashtra, which is having service sector’s shares highest among all the district of Maharashtra. So, the Salaries of Service sector is also high. Financial sector is enjoying the highest salary.