Acting is a profession that has been revered since ages. Especially in a country like India where we even witness popular stars enjoying the status of demi-gods among their fans with some of their temples being erected at key junctures of the country. While big screen actors and actresses, since time immemorial have commanded unflinching loyalty of supporters, the TV actors have started enjoying near similar status since the last decade or more. As a result they are in a comfortable position to demand higher than what they used to get earlier as remuneration.

There is no hard and fast rule determining the pay packages of actors as they are mostly dependent on the kind of popularity the actor enjoys among his fans, the kinds of projects he or she has at hand, his or her personal chemistry with producers, directors and financiers etc. Presented below is a brief list of pay packets earned by television actors at different stages of their career:

As per available sources senior actors and actresses demand something around INR 50,000- INR 1,50,000 per day, while lead actors, who are mostly young are paid something around INR 1,00,000 per week. Absolute freshers (including child actors) can settle for something around INR 15,000 on an average per day.
There is little to differentiate the salary ranges based on gender as immensely popular actors ( both male and female) charge a whopping INR 45,000- INR 1,00,000 per episode or per day as per their working hours.
The salary ranges mentioned above are just details of what these actors pick up from their regular TV shows. There is a whole range of other assignments that keep them hooked and sufficiently rewarded in terms of pays too! These assignments include advertisements and endorsements, performances at award functions, reality shows (in which TV actors are majorly seen taking part nowadays), television anchoring, award show hosting, appearances at special events etc.
The perks and benefits will also vary as per the demand of the particular actor in the industry. Very popular actors are granted travel allowances, vanity vans etc. Free lunches during the shoots are another benefit granted to actors in general.

TV Actors Salaries: Some Facts

A per available reports, TV actors experienced considerable pay cuts after Recession, however today they are back to earning what they used to and more.

As there is practically no age of retirement in this industry, TV actors are least likely to enjoy any post retirement benefits like Provident Fund, Gratuity etc..

The absence of a yardstick to judge pay packets has affected the television actors’ careers both positively and negatively. While there have been reports of actors charging astronomical rates after earning rave reviews from public initially and producers even agreeing to the terms, there have also been reports of conflicts between actors and producers on the same issues. It has often been seen that actors have stayed firm on their demands of whopping pay hikes after initial success and anticipating better offers from other producers. Producers on the other hand have not obliged and gone on to find other actors for their projects. These actors on the other hand have failed to repeat similar success on small screen owing to which they have been forced to slash prices in order to get plum assignments.