A part of the USD 4 billion TVS Group, TVS Motors today stands as the third largest two wheeler manufacturer company in India. It also has the credit of attaining a place among the top 10 two wheeler companies internationally. Below are listed some of its products:

  • Apache series RTR
  • Scooty Pep+
  • Wego
  • Phoenix 125
  • Max4R
  • Star City
  • Scooty Streak
  • Victor GX 100
  • Jive

Salaries in TVS Motor Company

The perfectly well etched out pay packets at TVS Motors are amply reflective of the fact that they are designed with much care keeping the employment status, employment ranking, the work experience of employees among several other factors in view. Please take a look at the list of annual average salaries pocketed by employees at TVS Motors, based on the job categories:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Project Manager INR 1 096 886
Manager INR 800 000- INR 1 340 000 with an annual average salary of INR 1 110 000
Engineer INR 382 000- INR 417 000
Human Resources Development Manager INR 850 000
R&D Member INR 200 000- INR 1 000 000 with an annual average salary of INR 587 500
SAP ABAP Consultant INR 388 000- INR 418 000
Assistant Manager – Maintenance INR 962 000- INR 1 040 000
Student INR 386 000- INR 413 000
Territory Manager INR 468 000- INR 516 000
Quality Assurance Executive INR 385 000- INR 415 000
Senior Engineer INR 530 000- INR 749 000 with an annual average salary of INR 639 859

Annual Average salaries in TVS Motors based on Experience

As per available information, the average salary ranges generally head northwards with growing experience at the concern. However, a sharp dip can be noticed between the tenth to the nineteenth year after successive progressions:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
1-4 years INR 400 000
5-9 years INR 780 100
10-19 years INR 528 000

Annual Average Salaries in TVS Motors based on Cities

The differences in the average salary ranges for the different cities prove that pay packets are designed with much care keeping in view the variations in the average costs of living in these cities:

City Annual Average Salaries
Hosur Tamil Nadu INR 500 000
Bangalore Karnataka INR 644 756

Annual Average Salaries based on Certification

Here is a glimpse of the annual average salaries at TVS Motors based on the certification achieved by employees

Certification Annual Average Salaries
General Management Certificate INR 850 000
Human Resources Concepts INR 850 000

Perks and Benefits

The well rounded pay package at TVS Motors ensures that employees are able to strike a perfect balance between work and play in order to ensure all round development :

  • Awards and Benefits: Employees are duly motivated to take part in various improvement activities by further participating in Task Force Teams, suggestion schemes, Supervisory Improvement teams etc. A string of awards and public recognition are then used to measure those performances. Founder’s Day and Sports Day are celebrated with enthusiasm
  • Work and Life: Asides from the learning opportunities at every step, the SPARSH program enables you to follow your personal passions like dance, singing etc

Other benefits

  • Company Car
  • Private Medical Insurance or PMI
  • Free Drinks
  • Paid Vacation
  • Life Insurance/Disability
  • Paid Sick Leave

**Salaries and benefits are subject to change without prior notice

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