Videocon India is an industrial conglomerate with headquarter in Gurgaon and more than seventeen manufacturing sites across the nation. In addition to this, this multinational brand has set up plants in Poland, Italy, Mexico and China. Videocon India is third largest manufacturer of picture tube in the world. Videocon is known for bringing an elite range of consumer electronics such that it has evolved as a key player of electronics. Established in the year 1979, Videocon is committed to manufacture quality products integrated with latest technology and enhanced features. From washing machine to refrigerators, headset, speakers, and ACs, Videocon has marked its repute in the market.
Videocon not only endeavor to foster its growth but also brings about better growth for prospect for its employees. It is always a pleasure to be a part of such a reputed brand in this competitive era. Videocon India continues to invite application from deserving candidates to engage the vacant positions in the company. Alike other reputed companies, Videocon thinks on different aspect when fixing salary of an employee. In most of the cases, salary is greatly affected by vintage in company while in other cases, it entirely depends on years of expertise. Below mentioned is a brief review of Videocon’s workforce, staff positions and salary package.

Average Salary in Videocon India Based On Designation

For Videocon, Your skills and capabilities decide your designation and your designation decides your salary. Videocon admires the skill of each employee and pay the accordingly. Below mentioned is the list of some designations in company and salary lined up with them,
Know the Salary Offered To Managers in Videocon India

Salary by Designation
Designation Average Salary(annual)
Assistant Manager 5.65 Lacs
Deputy Manager 7.50 Lacs
Deputy Manager 8.40 Lacs
Manager Revenue 9.55 Lacs
Manager 10.50 Lacs
Accounts Executive 3.10 Lacs
Accounts Manager 5.10 Lacs
Administrative Assistant 2.16 Lacs
Territory Sales Manager 4.85 Lacs
Chartered Accountant 7.01 Lacs

Average Salary in Videocon India Based On Area Of Specialization

Videocon brings in thriving career prospects for competent and skilled job seekers. It has fun filled environment obsessed by strong values, dedication, performance and talent. Making an allowance for this, Videocon pays to its depending upon their specialization. Average salary based on specialization is given below:

Salary by Area of Specialization
Specialization Average Salary(annual)
Production/Quality/Maintenance 6 Lacs
Architecture/Designing/Development 9.0 Lacs
Research and Development 8.50 Lacs
Retailing 6.50 Lacs
IT Software 7.15 Lacs
Quantity Surveillance/Planning 5.65 – 8 Lacs
Accounts/Finance/Tax/CS/Audit 2.50 – 6 Lacs
Sales/Marketing/Advertising 2 – 8 Lacs
Human Resource/ Administration 2.35 Lacs
Supply Chain Management/ Purchase 3 – 5 Lacs
Courier/ Freight/ Transportation 1.5 – 3 Lacs
Public Relation 1.2 – 3 Lacs
Security 1 – 1.5 Lacs

Know the Salary of Administrative Assistant in Videocon India

Average Salary Offered to Employees Based On Location

When deciding salary for different staff positions, Videocon bears in mind the location of job. This is because, even if the designation and location is pleasing but the salary failed to cope with the requisites of area then, it is of no use. To come up to the expectations of employees, the salary is offered in following manner:

Location Average Salary(annual)
Gurgaon 2 – 12 Lacs
Bangalore 2.5 – 14 Lacs
Chennai Salem 3 – 10 Lacs
Kolhapur Nasik 1.5 – 9 Lacs
Jalgaon 1.20 – 7 Lacs
Shahjahanpur Kashipur 1.45 – 8 Lacs
Bharuch Bhavnagar 1.16 – 7 Lacs
Rajkot Surat 1 – 10 Lacs
Mangalore 9 Lacs
Nasik Surat 5 – 7 Lacs
Valsad 3 – 5 Lacs
Indore/ Bhopal/ Raipur 8.8 Lacs
Ahmedabad 1.26 – 11 Lacs
Coimbatore 9.5 Lacs

Know the Salary Offered To CA in Videocon India

Average Salary Offered to Employees Based On Education

With a reputed position in multiple industries, Videocon continues to move on the way to success in harmony with employees. Videocon offers a lucrative salary packages to employees with different educational qualification.

Salary Based on Educational Qualification
Education Average Salary(annual)
Any Graduate 1 – 8 Lacs
BCA/MCA 1.45 – 10 Lacs
CA/ICWA 5 – 12 Lacs
B.E/ B.Tech/ M.Tech 1.44 – 13 Lacs
B.Com 1 – 7 Lacs
M.Com with Diploma 2 – 10 Lacs
MBA 1.50 – 15 Lacs
PGDM 1 – 9 Lacs

Other Perks and Benefits

Other perks and benefits offered to employees by Videocon includes Provident Fund, Medical Allowances, Conveyance recompense for marketing team, Cell Phone, leave encashment and lots more. Videocon avails you with manifest benefits that you aspire to have from a reputed company. Undoubtedly, it is always a pleasure to work in a renowned company like Videocon.