Vijay Sales is one of the most trusted online portals for buying electronic gadgets. The impressive portfolio includes products ranging from home appliances to gadgets to small appliances.


The company provides impressive job opportunities in noteworthy positions such as:

  • Web Designing
  • Sales
  • Customer Services
  • Retail
  • Manager

A look at the average annual salaries pocketed by some of the employees at crucial positions in the company, reveals that the average pay at the company is quite impressive to attract promising individuals. Let us find out more.

Annual Average Salaries as per Job Categories

The well defined pay packages are duly based on differences in job categories. The list below presents the different salary ranges earned by key members of the company, based on their employment status, the job responsibilities shouldered by them etc:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Back Office or Administrative Jobs INR 228000- INR 252000
Customer Services Manager INR 587000- INR 635000
Sales Executive INR 204000- INR 228000
Web Designing and Programming INR 288000- INR 312000

Annual Average Salaries as per Experience

As per available information, the annual average salaries by the employees of Vijay Sales are duly based on their work experience. A very unique trend of salary distribution can be noticed in this regard. While employees with round about 5 years of experience grab the highest annual salaries, those with around 6 or 7 years of experience pocket lesser figures. Please go through the list presented below:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Up to 2 years of experience INR 110000
Up to 4 years of experience Less than around INR 100000
Up to 5 years of experience INR 190000
Up to 6 years of experience INR 180000
Up to 7 years of experience INR 170000

*Salaries are subject to change without due notification.