India’s leading one stop online travel site, provides a wide array of travel related services. Availability of hotels, railways, flights, their pricings, holiday packages, bus services, railway reservation are some of the most prominent services featuring significantly in the company’s portfolio:
The company provides some of the most exciting career opportunities in:

  • Sales Management
  • Travel sales Consultancy
  • Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • SMTS
  • International Ticketing


As per available information pays salaries that are 39 per cent above market rates. The average across India stands something at INR 835,000. Find out more:

Annual Average Salaries at based on Job Category

Here is a list of the annual average salaries fetched by key jobs at the concern. The salary variations are duly based on Employment Status, job responsibilities, work experience, gender and on other factors. Please get details below:

Median Salary Range for Pharmacists (Hospital Services), as per cities of India:

The median salary range for pharmacists (hospital services) as per different cities of India has been listed below:

Job Category Annual Average Salary
Senior Software Engineer INR 912000-INR 981000
Product Manager INR 1060000 – INR 1150000
SMTS INR 1380000 – INR 1490000
Software Engineer INR 674000 – INR 723000
Assistant Manager (Corporate Sales) INR 518000 – INR 561000
Implant Head INR 495000 – INR 545000
Area Manager INR 562000 – INR 608000

Annual Average Salaries at Based on Experience

Salary variations based on work experience in a particular field exist at the company. The salary range moves consistently ahead with increased experience at the concern. Considerable hikes at crucial junctures of one’s stay at the company work as an incentive for better performance delivery. Have a look:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
1-4 years INR 547500
5-9 years INR 1500000

Gender based salaries at

The annual average salaries pocketed by male and female workers at the concern are listed separately in the chart below. Please have a look at the chart below to at least have a faint idea of the packages you can expect, if you are looking forward to a place at the company:

Gender Annual Average Salaries
Female INR 669000
Male INR 1500000

Annual Average Salaries based on Skills

Please take a look at the skill based salaries earned by employees at the organization:

Skills Annual Average Salaries
SQL INR 1262500
Java/J2EE INR 1262500

Perks and Benefits

As per available information, offers amazing opportunities of growth to its employees asides from an ideally congenial atmosphere to work for. Here is a lowdown on other benefits offered by the company to its employees. It is great to know that much thought has gone into designing a comprehensive package of benefits for the workers. These perks and benefits, asides from the impressive salaries, have played a crucial role in encouraging employees to deliver result oriented performance for the organization. Please have a look at the details presented below:

Cash Bonus for employees at

The cash bonus earned by employees at varies between INR 75,000 to as high as INR 98,264 per year

Vacation Weeks earned by employees at

The vacation weeks earned by employees at may vary from something around 1.0 weeks to as 4.5 weeks per year.