About Zensar

Zensar Technologies serves as the technology partner for organizations of global order, aiding them to grow, brace challenges and lead in the corporate environment.

Average Salaries in Zensar

As per available information Zensar pays 3 per cent below market. Here is more:
A look at the job or profile based salaries below will make you realize that Zensar has very well defined pay packets for employees engaged at different levels at the organization

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Senior Consultant INR 821000- INR 940000 with a annual average of INR 880705
Technical Specialist INR 330955 – INR 1174457
Software Developer INR 177759 – INR 561112
Software Engineer INR 240000- INR 500000 with a annual average of INR 344562
SAP Consultant INR 332192 – INR 1093004
Project Lead INR 851000- INR 981000 with a annual average of INR 916140
Senior Software Developer/Programmer/Engineer INR 348362 – INR 852156
Senior Test Engineer INR 340126 – INR 867906
Accounts Receivable INR 253000- INR 274000
Technical Specialist INR 330955 – INR 1174457
Systems Engineer INR 527000- INR 573000
Project Manager INR 950000- INR 1700000 with a annual average of INR 1260000
ERP Consultant INR 332085 – INR 1595463
Tech Leader INR 576000- INR 1200000 with a annual average of INR 890152
Junior Software Engineer INR 175107 – INR 394950
Business Analyst INR 340000- INR 600000 with a annual average of INR 513333
Senior Executive INR 388000- INR 448000 with a annual average of INR 417958
Senior Oracle Applications Consultant INR 126000- INR 136000
Senior Business Analyst INR 750000- INR 900000 with an annual average of INR 833333

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Average Salaries by Experience in Zensar

Ideal salary hikes at key junctures of an employee’s career work as a driving force behind improved performances with every passing year:

Experience Average Annual Salaries
Less than a year INR 230449
1-4 years INR 371568
5-9 years INR 649818
10-19 years INR 1017616

Average Annual Salaries Based on Degrees

The academic qualifications of Zensarians influence their pay packages in a major way, as is evident from the list below

Degree Average Annual Salaries
MCA or Master of Computer Applications INR 293559 – INR 860703
Bachelor's Degree INR 206898 – INR 912862
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng / BE) Computer Science (CS) INR 266638 – INR 1033972
MBA or Master of Business Administration INR 333951 – INR 868923
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng / BE) Information Technology (IT) INR 222602 – INR 528618

Average Annual Salaries Based on Gender

The gender based salaries at Zensar are:

Gender Average Annual Salaries
Female INR 326842
Male INR 498616

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Benefits of Jobs in Zensar

Relying on a young, vibrant and passion-driven work culture Zensar aims at extracting the best of performances from employees by means of fostering a sense of respect for work and necessity of fun. Based on the 5F (Fast, Focused, Flexible, Friendly, and Fun) culture, here is how Zensar aims at striking a balance between work and play:
Employee Care Services- Work Life Balance
Campus Medical Center: The presence of a medical center on campus which is attended by qualified doctors 24*7 as members are working in shifts—– a corporate counselor also visits the center in a bid to attend to workers on issues relating to work-life balance
Day Care Center: The center is well equipped with all the requirements of children including study enclosures, rest areas, clean-up area, exciting play platforms and most importantly the required safety standards for children are also maintained
Round the clock canteen for all members working in shifts
Free Madat-Online: Provision for fulfilling regular chores of Zensarians like back transactions, bill payments, submission of important forms etc— an individual is hired to carry out all these chores for employees who are interested
Bus Facility, the provision of which is made after the safety and security standards offered by the vehicles are thoroughly examined
Company Transportation
Recognition in the form of Awards
The Zenpoints Program launched in a bid to acknowledge key contribution of Zensarians towards the growth of the company, also aims at making Zensar a better place to work in—the string of awards presented here are:

  • Quarterly Awards
  • The Annual Excellence Awards
  • The Long Service Awards meant for employees who have served for more than 15 years and 25 years

Several programs like iZen, WE or Women for Excellence, Zenlounge+, Global Everybody Meetings or EBMs serve as collaborative platforms where employees and senior management engage in discussions on issues ranging from the success of women, betterment of Zensar, organizational strategies etc.

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Other benefits include

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs
  • Values Game, Workshop and Certification
  • Senior Leadership Programs
  • Mid Management Programs
  • Partnership with Education Institutions
  • Recreational opportunities in the form of participation in various events like Vividha, dandiya fest, creation of creative communities etc