The Disability Discrimination Act has declared that discrimination on the basis of any physical disability is completely unlawful and that there should be no discrimination while employing somebody, deciding their terms and conditions of employment, dismissal and termination based on any disability.

People with disabilities often face problems at work which others generally don’t face. Even if their dedication towards their work is more than that of their able-bodied colleagues, they are often paid lesser than what they deserve. Working with a disability is not an easy task as job opportunities are fewer for them. But these days many home jobs have come up that can be a good source of income for the disabled people as they can work while staying at home. They can do data entry work, transcription, customer service, telemarketing, content writing and much more. They can even market a product online and convince surfers to download it for their personal use. This is called affiliate marketing. For every download that a customer does by using the product specific link given by the marketer, he or she will earn a fair percentage of the total money made out of that product.

At present there are several employment services that provide information on job opportunities exclusively for disabled people. One such online employment service is that is a national level employment magazine and website and it provides equal job opportunities to everyone irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

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This tremendous change in attitude towards people with disabilities while employing a person might be due to the following reasons:

  • Since there has been dearth of qualified professionals in the working world since the past couple of decades and more and more people opting for self-employment, recruiters have turned towards this untapped resource of the unemployed community of the disabled.
  • Since the passage of the Handicapped Children Act in 1975, a new generation of disabled youth are graduating high school and college and they are far better equipped for competitive jobs as compared to the previous generation of disabled.
  • And lastly, disabled kids are given opportunity to finish their education in the same environment along with other normal kids. This exposure naturally decreases the amount of discrimination in the workplace at a later stage.

When should you disclose about your disability during the process of employment is very important and a tricky issue. It is entirely a personal decision which a disabled person has to take whether or not he/she wants to inform the recruiter about the disability. Sometimes it might be a good idea to disclose the fact only after getting employed provided the disability is not of a serious kind that will severely hamper your performance in the job. But one feels that the recruiter is willing to customize the work setting depending on the nature of your disability then you can go ahead and inform him about the disability before or during the interview process itself.

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Nevertheless, if you have the confidence and faith in yourself that you have the required skills, qualities, talent and experience to do the job the best way possible, no disability of any kind can stop you from achieving your dreams.