How easy is it to learn each and every nuance of your field and keep them at the tip of your finger? How easy is it to ride high on success solely on the basis of your learning? Lastly if learning is the only formula for your success at work do you think you can well give your creativity a miss? Yes it is difficult to carve a niche only by means of your learning, more so if it involves learning something new every moment at your job- but not so if it’s coupled with creativity. In fact it is rather difficult to isolate the two processes viz learning and creativity since the latter is just a part of the former. How so? Let’s see:
Learning– be it in a school, or workplace becomes much more interesting when blended with a bit of a creativity. For instance, teachers, ad makers, Social Media professionals, even business professionals are relying on the production of ideas everyday as a means making their job a bit more interesting.
If a teacher is coming up with new means to engage students in a classroom discussion then a Social Media manager is brainstorming on ways to promote a brand”meticulously stating time gaps, one liners, and tailoring headers ( for brands) as a means of his promotional campaign in a bid to generate user engagement.

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How can creativity act as a tool for success?

Know How can creativity be best exploited to achieve desired results? Creativity at its best can produce great outcome for an organization. It is very important for leaders to encourage that creativity among their workers— discuss possible pros and cons of a particular idea and then zero in on the implementation of the project. On the other hand the creative team can bring their ideas to the fore or for that matter work on them only when they have a thorough knowledge of the project. That is where the learning bit comes in. You know your project well, take a note book and pen and jot down points which can be developed into great ideas. It is even better if one person takes the initiative to jot down ideas of each member and then work on them. Precisely, give some time to yourself and your teammates before cracking on the most brilliant proposition. Thus it is important that you make it a team effort and not thrust your ideas on others.

What does creativity do to an organization?

  • Breaks clichs
  • Instills a sense of freedom in employees even while abiding by protocols
  • Does away with monotony
  • Presents new challenges
  • Helps to fight personal distress (often is a case with highly creative minds-authors, painters, musicians etc)
  • Encourages full hearted participation

Can you really do without creativity at work?

Treat it as completely your own prerogative. There will be profiles like a customer care executive or for that matter a clerical job at a bank, where there is very little scope to let your creative juices flow. On the other hand if you really want to shy away from monotony then jobs which allow creativity at different measures should be your call. Creativity in its essence can be best explored in jobs like creative writing, film direction, acting, content writing, marketing, ad making, music, hairstyling, cooking, etc— so much so that you have chances of being marked as a big failure if you don’t have creativity. However, it is always advisable to accept the fact that creativity is an innate trait. It can hardly be taught professionally. Still, it can always be nourished by keeping yourself up to date with new trends in the game, learning new things and applying the same with a dash of your creativity.

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Learning itself plays a big role in honing your creative talent as there are real chances of your ideas going out of fashion if not combined with modern traits. Therefore both learning and creativity should work at tandem to ensure success.