Wikipedia – ‘Crowdsourcing is a process that involves outsourcing tasks to a distributed group of people.
One thing that differentiate crowdsourcing from ordinary outsourcing is that in case of crowdsourcing the task is outsourced to undefined public rather than the particular ones.
The term ‘crowdsourcing’ was coined by Jeff Howe in the year 2006. He actually proposed this as a way in which more people could be involved in a project, with most of them chipping in voluntarily with the available workforce with ideas and suggestions that could provide a breakthrough.

What Role does Crowdsourcing play in recruitment process in India?

Crowdsourcing is still considered to be in its nascent stages in India. However, going by eminent HR professionals’ views, the idea here is to stay and companies cannot for long shy away from the whole phenomenon. It is emerging as one of the greatest and cheapest marketing tools that hirers can avail and in no time will become an invincible factor impacting the future of businesses in India.

The role and the impact of crowdsourcing in recruitment cannot be estimated accurately at present. However it is not that difficult either to touch upon a few points which highlight the importance of the whole phenomenon— how it works and how it bolsters the entire recruitment process:

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Adding on the database: A company or an organization dealing with a problem at hand broadcasts it on Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc inviting help from the pool of talent waiting for the right opportunity to unleash their innovative business ideas! Thus not only does the company gets a solution sourced from a number of business aspirants, prospective employees also bag a chance of getting a direct entry into the organization’s database! Managers can incidentally choose from the vast database during jobs and not to forget that this time they have more choices. Thus people often have the chance of actually getting recruited directly through Social Networking platforms!

Acts as a cheaper resource base: Yes, if companies are inclined on hiring directly from the available options from the Social Networking sites only, they won’t have to spend the extra bucks on paid job sites or newspapers.
Gives an opportunity to employees to identify the right kind of company for him as he is already familiar with the kind of problems/projects the company is dealing with.
Acts as a great marketing tool for both the brand in question and prospective employee— companies often broadcast their confusions about an upcoming brand’s specific features and designs which generates the much needed pre launch hype while an individual coming up with his own ideas is also expected to draw some attention from the pool of business professionals out there!

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As mentioned earlier Crowd sourcing is still at an experimental stage in India. Crowdsourced projects need to be handled with a lot of care since it involves a number of factors like legal implications, moral values etc. If utilized in proper way it will benefit recruiters in the long run. However it remains to be seen how it is explored in India.