This is indeed, one of the most fascinating questions these days in the professional arena of Indian subcontinent. By the records one can actually see a lot of migrations to Gulf countries for work purposes, but why is this happening, is a question that is in every body’s mind. Take a look at few of the reasons that everyone and anyone would agree with.

Unemployment in the homeland:

India’s one of the biggest problems is its rate of unemployment, which is too troublesome. The average age group of working Indians is 20 to 60 years that records many unemployed people. This is simply because of the shortage of jobs; and the prime reason why many of these unemployed people migrate to countries that offer them any kind of employment, and Gulf offers such a solace.

Highly paid blue collar jobs:

We all are aware of the situation of Indian markets, where an employee working at a low designation or a labor would be paid like peanuts, which is not even enough to sustain a family, let alone maintaining a standard of living, and this prompts a lot of middle class people to move to Gulf countries, even for low designation jobs because of the comparatively higher wages there. These jobs include construction or factory workers and even housemaids.

The record says it:

Toby Simpson, Managing Director, The Gulf Recruitment Group, has announced that, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman are among the three Gulf countries which are increasing the percentage of recruitment for Indians or other nationals, on an annual basis. And this will also lead to the economic recreation of the countries itself.

The lower tax rates in Dubai:

Dubai is one of the most popular targets for Indians, for a job, not only because of the good pay packages and a nice life style but also because the country does not charge some taxes like, Income Tax, VAT, GST, or personal tax. This makes it possible for the people to earn and save more. But it should also be noted that there are other taxes in Dubai, according to its own policies, but still saving is easier there.

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A cultural connect:

One of the very important reasons why Gulf countries are popular destinations for Indians for work purposes is the feeling of familiarity that is available there. Because of the Muslim population in country, the Gulf countries offer an environment, which can also be found in many places in India itself. In terms of language, food, standard of living and even appearance of the natives, the Gulf countries seem familiar to Indians than American or European countries, where a lot of cases related to racial discrimination, have been registered.
These are a few reasons why skilled, unskilled, but many Indians are moving towards Gulf countries to make a living, and making it a hot spot in the map of world in terms of professional opportunities.