Aside from your skills as an employee, your success at your workplace will be crucially linked to the relationship that you share with your seniors, co-workers and your boss. There will be times when there are serious disagreements between you and your seniors, but handling them efficiently instead of getting overwhelmed, will be the key to developing a healthy boss-employee relationship.

Start Early: If you are a fresher in an MNC, it will be least likely that you will be in regular contact with the highest authority of the organization. Etching out a successful career and coming into the notice of the Chief Executive Officer or the Managing Director of the company will require time. In this case you might as well prepare yourself to build a healthy relationship with your team leader or immediate boss by the sheer ingenuity of your willingness to learn from him. Make sure that you are not basing this relationship on a series of negative traits like trying to impress him or her by exaggerating other team members’ faults or by bragging about your own achievements. At this stage, it is your readiness to prepare yourself for present and future challenges and your focus on delivery of result-oriented performance will play a major role in shaping your relation with your boss.

Let your Actions Speak: Please remember that if you are one of the managers of the company you act as a crucial link between your boss and employees. Just as you will be required to inform your boss about the ruling sentiments (discontentment, satisfaction etc) in the workplace, it is you who will be in charge of conveying the decisions of the higher authorities to the employees. There might as well be times when you have to break potentially unfair news to the employees. But it will be your responsibility to convey the reasons behind a decision. Your boss may not always be in

the right frame of mind to explain each and every business decision made by him. It will be your understanding of the trade and the dynamics ruling it, that will help you to put forward the reasons behind the company actions so as to nullify chances of any kind of discord among employees. Remember these are the difficult times when your leadership skills will be tested. Your boss will always want to mentor a potential successor. Try to be the chosen one by means of actions.

Keep your boss informed: Make sure that you are keeping your boss well informed about the happenings in the company. Try to back your information with figures and discuss with him on ways of improvement. Make sure that you are owning up your own mistakes in front of your boss.

Don’t be dishonest: Don’t try to climb up the success ladder by dishonesty- fabricating facts, blaming others for own fault, shirking responsibility etc. Remember that, as a manager though you are in charge of most of the business operations, your owner knows what’s going on in his company. Don’t remain under the false impression that his physical absence in office has deterred him from keeping track of relevant activities. Thus, it is only safe to acknowledge his “omnipresence.”

Keep Your Basics Right: No matter whichever position you command in the company keeping your basics right like never missing deadlines, willingness to understand and act as per company policies and rules will always remain crucial.