After high school, students make plan to go to college, and apply for various institutions around the world, for a course of their choice, but there are some students who can’t afford a college education or who prefer to start a job after high school and gain some professional experience. This is totally a personal choice, but what we are giving you here is an insight into some amazing jobs where you can establish yourselves despite not having heavy college degrees, and still are able to earn handsome packages.

Some popular jobs offering high salaries, without heavy degrees:

Real Estate Broker

You don’t need a complete 4 year college degree to be a real estate agent; all you need is a certification after proper training, and the real talent for this job. You can get the training and license for this immediately after high school, and help your customers getting properties, loans and arranging paper work for them. A proper knowledge of this area is a must, and you can earn around 71,000 $, yearly, in this profession.

Freelance Photographer

This is one profession where you don’t have to spend a great deal of money and time to gain degrees, but which brings a lot of fun and money to you. If you have a thing for photography, you can choose to do a diploma after high school and set off for a professional career in photography. Travel places, see things and experience the world outside, all through your camera and earn attractive salary packages. You can earn about 47,000 $, yearly, as a freelance photographer.

Personal Trainer

With the stress and health disorders taking a toll on people, maximum number of young professionals are joining health clubs, gyms, aerobic centers, yoga centers, which improves working opportunities for professional health trainers. Again, for this one too, you need no college degrees, but yes a professional diploma and training would be required which you can get directly after high school, and set off to earn a handsome 38,000$, yearly, as a health trainer.

Licensed Nurse

Though there are proper Nursing courses from college, you can also get a job of a licensed nurse after a year long training and diploma after finishing high school. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and study for years to earn. This is one of the most prestigious jobs, with an almost 40,000, recorded openings every year, according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Beginning with a licensed nurse with about 40,000$ a year, you can grow on to become a registered nurse also.


One more popular area which is always in demand and required professionally trained people is fashion and make up. You can earn a diploma and training after high school in the area of your interest, be it make up, hair dressing or anything else, and after getting a license begin to work professionally, earning good money from 30,00 $ – 50,000$ a year. After all no matter how difficult life is, how hectic our schedules are, and how expensive things are becoming, everyone wants and would want to look good. So there’s your opportunity.

These are some of the most practical and interesting professions, which require just a formal training and a license for the authentication, and you are all ready to earn a high salary, right from a young age, while some of your counterparts will be busy rummaging the books and accumulating degrees. Grab the right opportunity and make the most of your talent.