Conventional thinking says that in order to have a well paying job, you need to have a recognized college degree. It is true that the highest paying jobs in society can be acquired only by possessing an advanced degree in the respective field like doctorate, medical or management. But there are some jobs that pay very well and don’t require a degree at all. Your natural skills and acquired experience on the job is enough to fetch you such a job. These jobs are primarily based on managing or supervising people under you. While a proper degree is not required to do such jobs, but most employers do prefer the employee to have some basic qualifications. Some companies hire freshers while some others take only people with couple of years of experience.

Here is a list of jobs that a person can opt for without having a degree as such:

  • Air Traffic Controller – The job requires the person to pass a rigorous test by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), which is conducted to check the physical and mental health of the concerned person. This job does not require a degree but it is a highly competitive one. On an average, an air traffic controller earns about $74,922.
  • Automobile Service Station Manager – The job entails running the administration section of a gas station. Skills that are helpful for this kind of job are: personnel management and some managerial experience. The average earning is around $72,000.
  • Margin Department Supervisor – This job requires the person to oversee the credit department of a company and take decision about giving or not giving credit to a particular customer. Even if this does not ask for a proper degree in accounting or finance, but basic mathematical knowledge will definitely help. The average income is somewhere around $83,000
  • Real Estate Broker – You need to take up a couple of classes to become a certified broker but a full time degree is not required. A real estate broker helps people to find a good house, do the necessary paperwork for them and also guide them about loans. A friendly nature and flexibility of working hours are all that is required to become successful in this field. The earning of a real estate broker is around $71,000.