People suffer from a general notion that in order to make big money, you need to join the glamour industry such as modelling or acting. But surprising enough, these two professions hardly make it to the top paid jobs in the world today. Lets see which are the jobs you should be looking into if you desire to make it real big in your professional career.

Doctors and surgeons – average annual income: $168,650-$234,950

To become a doctor or a surgeon, one requires extensive education and training in the field of medical science. The education involves four years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school education and between three to eight years of residential training and experience.

Orthodontists and dentists – average annual income: $161,750-$204,670

Skills in diagnosing and treating diseases and malfunctions related to teeth and gums are the basic requirement to become successful as an orthodontist or a dentist.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – average annual income: $140,880-$176,550

Different organizations might have different criteria for choosing their CEOs but the minimum requirement for the job is a bachelors degree along with work experience of about five to six years at the least.

Petroleum engineer – average annual income: $138,980

Specialized skills in petroleum extraction, production, operational skills in drilling and handling tools are the requirements to be successful in this field of work.

Lawyer – average annual income: $130,490

This type of profession requires four years of undergraduate study from any recognised law school as well as three years of graduate study. Along with that, one must also possess a license in order to start practicing law.

Architectural and engineering managers – average annual income: $129,350

To become an architectural and engineering manager, one must have atleast a bachelors degree in any relevant field along with work experience of about five to six years.

Natural science manager – average annual income: $128,230

Most natural science managers require atleast a bachelors degree in natural science and work experience as a scientist for several years.

Marketing Manager – average annual income: $126,190

This position does not necessarily require a proper degree in the respective field but a bachelors degree in marketing is highly recommendable.

Computer and information systems manager – average annual income: $125,660

Generally a person having a bachelors degree in computers can go for such kind of a job. But along with that one also needs a minimum work experience of around five to six years to be able to earn the highest salary being offered to such a professional.

Industrial-organizational psychologist – average annual income: $124,160

A person having a masters or doctorate degree in psychology along with a licence and certificate can opt for a job as an industrial-organisational psychologist.

Financial manager – average annual income: $120,450

The minimum requirement to become a financial manager is to have a bachelors degree in finance and five to six years of work experience in another financial corporation or business venture.

Airline pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers – average annual income: $118,070

Although it is one of the most highly paid jobs right now but it involves lot of stress as well. These are the people working 30,000 feet about the ground and are entirely responsible for the safety of the people travelling along with them.

Sales manager – average annual income: $116,860

Generally a basic bachelors’ degree in any stream will make one eligible for the job but good knowledge of marketing, statistics and customer management are added qualifications.

Air traffic controller – average annual income: $114,460

Requirements of an air traffic controller is completion of an air traffic management degree accredited under the Federal Aviation Administration FAA where one has to acquire the qualifying score in the pre-employment test and under training for a stipulated amount of time in the FAA academy.

Pharmacist – average annual income: $112,160

Pharmacists are required to have a degree in pharmacy known as Pharm.D and it is a professional degree of four years. After completion of this degree, one must acquire a license in pharmacy by passing two exams to start the job.