Who is the highest rewarded Indian film actor? There are several confusing and contradictory stories in various film magazines and web portals across India. Some editors seem maniac fans of their favourite actors and try to intrude their favourite star in the top list. Film industry stories are little believable like movie stories. Its a different world.

Then what is the way out to know the income of film actors? Income tax returns of these actors can hardly be believed as most in this industry has mischievous record of tax paying. A mix of various records, including a workout from collection centres would reveal something close to the actors’ income. The figures presented here have been arrived at by analyzing various reports and official records, such as the following:

1. Forbes Magazine Report
2. Most reliable news reports following release of each movie
3. Official disclosure of film distribution companies
4. Random data collected from theaters in multiple cities
6. RTI Application

Based on 2015 records the following are the top 10 highest paid Indian actors in film industry.

1 Amitabh Bachchan 220 Crores
2 Salman Khan 218 Crores
3 Akshay Kumar 214 Crores
4 Rajinikanth 210 Crores
5 Shahrukh Khan 174 Crores
6 Ranbir Kapur 100 Crores
7 Kamal Hasan 88 Crores
8 Prabhas 56 Crores
9 Vijay 52 Crores
10 Allu Arjun 41 Crores

Female actors are equally responsible for success of a movie by entertaining people. Thanks to the gender discrimination in film industry, it is to be noted that there is no woman actor featuring in the top 10 list.