The productivity of a business, a company or an establishment is directly proportional to the hard work and efficiency of the people associated with it. It is the employees, who collectively work towards the progress of their company, and this makes it very important for the employers to reward their hard work with motivational words, encouragement and even bonus.
Productivity Bonus is one of the best ways through which employees can be rewarded and motivated. These bonuses are formed as a result of good performance of the employees, which helps the company to improve its productivity, and when the business is improved, a part of it could be shared with the people who have contributed into it; this is the most fair and honest thing to do.

The Productivity Bonus has its roots in that time of the professional history, when employers used to reward their labors on an hourly basis to get better and speedy output from them; but now it is not limited to a particular time period or even to smaller designations. The employers now, introduce this scheme to get better efficiency and performance from their teams, and include additional payments in their pay packages, if they help the output of the business with remarkable improvement.

In a survey done by The Society for Human Resource Management and Arthur Andersen Consulting, in 2000, on 783 employees, 70% of them, who received productivity bonus, admitted that they were encouraged to perform better because of this, while 30% admitted that they would welcome such a bonus as a motivational stimulus. If someone is rewarded for his performance and extra efforts, then it is obvious that he or she would love to give this extra effort.

In this competitive world, where colleagues try to step up in their professional lives, by climbing onto each others’ shoulders, an honest and genuine encouragement is what everyone craves for. The employers need to constantly review the performance of their employees and need to check who is doing what, and keeping pace with the efficiency and diligence, value their efforts too. If your employees help your business to grow, then it becomes a fair deal to reward them for their efforts and honesty, and this will in return give you even better performance from them, as good money always inspires people to do better.