In order to build a well crafted resume you need to understand the difference between a professional and unprofessional resume. An unprofessional resume can be the result of lack of learning, misinformation or a sheer disregard for the norms of resume building. These resumes are mainly saddled with inconsistencies like a mix of bullets and dashes, bold and normal sub headings etc, or spelling and construction errors and the like. On the other hand a professional resume reflects the perfect attributes of preciseness, prioritization, consistency and also creativity at times. This is the apt kind of resume which will take you a notch higher than other candidates in a job search. Thus learn the tricks to build a perfect resume for yourself.

How can you craft a professional resume?

Start off by paying a great deal of attention while working on your cover letter. Be precise and formal and don’t be guilty of messing it up like a thousand candidates out there! One of the frequent complaints by recruiters is that most candidates are yet to learn the ways of crafting a proper cover letter.

Prioritize your skills by highlighting your professional and personal skills accordingly.

While writing about your job experiences you can always describe each of your designations (responsibilities) in one or two lines as it gives a clearer idea to hirers what you are capable of.

Go for customized objectives to suit the different needs of different organizations you are sending the resume to.

Do a bit of research on the net and avail the free resume samples and templates in order to ensure an ideal resume for yourself. Get more creative with the incorporation of videos, images and links of your achievements. While you are considering a resume template make sure that you are only considering it as a reference. Don’t forget to add your personal touch in the end as it will make your stuff stand out!

Do include your referees. Include only those who can be contacted easily.

You can even go for customized resume builders if you are really unsure of your own skills to craft one for yourself.

Update your resume time and again to ensure that your latest achievements, designations and professional responsibilities are not missing from the CV.

Don’t include false attributes in your CV as there thick chances of you getting caught by a wiser and cleverer recruiter out there!

Proof read your resume again and again to ensure that you have not made the mistakes mentioned in the introduction. Check if it is in a flow or not. Don’t be hesitant to do rework on your CV if you feel that you can reposition a particular point so as to maintain the flow.

Your responsibility doesn’t end just at building an ideal resume. While mailing your CV to different organizations you must make sure that you are following the instructions which might be laid down by each of them. Don’t forget to include proper salutations meant for a professional mail. All the good work can be undone if you don’t follow this!