One of the biggest challenges faced by seasoned employees today is the prospect of working with a boss who is half their age and way behind in terms of experience. However, there are several reasons why Gen-Y is taking control of organizations so fast. One of the most potent reasons among them would be the technological knowhow of the youngsters. Gone are the days when the world was still waking up to the gradual advent of science. Today, the changes in technology are fast, at times sudden and too significant for mission critical operations to be ignored. The better adaptability of the young minds has triggered a better understanding of these technologies by them. Additionally, the need for changing work styles has also emerged as a threat to the age old hierarchical system followed at workplaces. As an older employee working under a younger boss, you should be able accept the fact that a young mind is impregnated with fresh ideas that will only steer the organization towards achieving further milestones. Here are some other tips on ways to deal with a younger boss.

Steer Clear of Harboring Negative Feelings: Yes, this is the most important factor that is going to help you battle the possible discomfort of dealing with a younger boss. Don’t let the negative feelings creep from the moment you hear that you are well on your way to taking orders from a younger employer. Negative feelings might be reflected in your actions later in the form of non cooperation, frustration and an overall hostile environment in office. Don’t let that happen. Remember that the young gun who, on his way to shoulder key responsibilities of a concern might be all nerves as well. Don’t make matters worse for him by showing resistance. Instead, try to promote an overall positivity not only within yourself but also among other co-workers of your age. Tell them how you are expecting a lot of new ideas and change of company policies for better, with the entry of a new young leader.

Be More Open to Learning: If you are someone who is always on the lookout for newer avenues of learning and widening your horizon, you should never stop picking up skills at every given possibility. A relatively young mind is given the charge of an enterprise primarily for his technological knowledge (as already mentioned above). Therefore treat his entry as an opportunity for you to upgrade yourself on the latest strides in technology. Make it a two way process whereby you assume the dual role of a teacher and a student. While attaining key insights in to the technological attributes, try to share your experience with your boss regarding better ways of building employee worker relationships etc. If you have been associated with the concern for a long time, you will be the right person to guide the young employer in knowing each of his employees better.

Be Yourself: Please don’t commit the mistake of appearing as someone young just because you are led by a youth. Be yourself. Act your age. Dress properly and adopt a thoroughly professional approach, be it while taking orders or putting forward your suggestions.