As a professional your initial goals might be restricted to getting through to your desired profile in a reputed company. However, in the long run as a committed professional you must have the urge to excel and grow further. A designation jump in your company doesnt only come with a pay hike, but also with added responsibilities that are fulfilling and a bit stressful at the same time. Whatever be it you are always willing to grow as a professional and a promotion only ensures that much coveted growth. You can avail the following tips to get a designation jump:

Research thoroughly before getting into a company: You might have set a three, five and seven year plan for yourself in terms of career growth and salary hikes. But what if the organization you are working for offers very limited scope for growth? So much so that it does not even suit your short term goals as well? You might look for another company after working for a year or so. However, that won’t always ensure that you will be offered the profile you are eying for, so early in your career. Thus its always better to get recruited in companies which acknowledges an employee’s sincerity and gives him an opportunity to test himself with newer challenges. Do your researches carefully– ask your friends/seniors/acquaintances about appraisals of companies and then choose your organization.
Ensure a Proper Degree for Yourself: Needless to say a proper qualification plays a crucial role in the determination of your profile. Make sure you keep on adding to your resume even while working, not only in terms of experience, but also in terms of degrees. There are a number of correspondent courses which might interest you and are potent enough to help you move further in your career in terms of a promotion. So keep a track on these courses, and make sure they are relevant to your goals.
Be sincere: Nothing succeeds like success and the key to this success is hard work. Make sure that once you get a job of your choice you are serious from the first day itself. Be punctual, follow the company norms without flouting any one of them callously, be prepared to propel yourself in times of need and try making an impression on seniors by virtue of your sincerity. These things are important and are taken into consideration during appraisals.
Know your forte: Know your skills better and work on them continuously to develop a keen understanding of the requirements. Remember if you are in a job just for sake of earning a decent living at the end of the day chances of improvement are little. You must seek a job which you are passionate about. Also there will be certain aspects of your job which will have a greater impact in your chosen career. Work on them more; ask your seniors and teammates about ways of improvement.
Make your presence felt: Yes, the corporate world out there is constantly in need of innovations, suggestions, and commitment in a bid to survive the ebb and tide of the market. So as a part of this world it is your duty to come up with meaningful ideas and suggestions for your organization, at least in times of need. Being shy won’t help. Share your designs with your management and try to gauge their opinions on your proposals, keep a track if these ideas are implemented or not. This will help your employers notice you and act accordingly during appraisals.


A combination of hard work, diligence, and the right degrees will help you move closer to your dream designation. However it’s not an overnight process. Thus even if you make mistakes initially, don’t be disheartened. Keep working towards your goals.