Communication skills are a vital facet for life. Look through any number of job postings online or offline; one is sure to notice one thing in common in all, in almost 80% of these, good communication skills. This is one of the most common prerequisite listed by employers in addition to the academic qualifications and work experience.

It is important to understand that communication is a two-way process. It is not only about presenting forth one’s views or ideas efficiently; but also involves patient listening and assimilating what the other person is trying to say. Communication skill is a combination of right vocabulary, speed of delivery of words, pitch modulation and most importantly-body language.

Running a business in 21st century is quite complex, with offices in a number of locations all over the world. Thus, in this type of working environment where one needs to effectively coordinate between operations happening at multiple locations, communication skills can play a major role. This is the reason, why the employers always prefer to hire people with efficient communication skills.

Here is how good communication skills can improve your salary:

1. Efficiency:
Remember, the salary of an employee is directly dependent on the value or business one is capable of attracting to the company. Thus, if an employee is able to motivate the workers involved, by explaining them the type and urgency of the work; the company can score a better output. Therefore, the efficiency goes up and so does the salary of the employee.
2. Leadership:
A person with good communication skills knows how to conduct himself among other fellow employees. His actions and words are always encouraging for his colleagues. Thus, in no time he can emerge as a leader of the place. Surely, he has more chances of getting a raise in salary and position than other fellow employees.
3. Bonding with the boss:
It has been observed that people with polished communication skills find it easier to interact and negotiate with their superiors. They are able to clearly express their views on the issues when asked and rarely do their ideas go unnoticed. Thus, rewarding the person with better credibility and a golden key to success.
4. Resolving Conflicts:
Efficient communicator can ease of conflicts between people, companies or even organizations. They can assume the role of a mediator or even a negotiator, who can encourage people to talk out and troubleshoot conflicts directly. They can also help in simulating active unbiased solutions.
5. Center of attraction:
A person with polished communication skills knows how to be center of attention, he knows how to grab the attention of his audience-i.e. workers, superiors or even investors. His words and deeds are self-expressive. Some way or the other, the person succeeds in getting whatever he wants.
6. Strike when the iron’s hot:
Usually, good communication equips a person with an ability to read other people’s gestures and facial expressions, before they transform into words. Thus, he knows the right moment to strike up a conversation or even a discussion regarding raise in salary, long working hours etc.
The role of good communication skills is not just limited to educators, CEO’s, social workers, etc., but is necessary in all fields be it be plumbing, engineering, construction, medicine and so on. This skill can be extremely helpful in carrying out the day-to-day work too.