In the professional world, first impressions mean a lot. While most people disagree with the concept of discriminating on the basis of the way a person looks, this is one of the harsh realities of the corporate jungle. Whether it is intentional or unintended, looks do play a major role in the career graph of an individual and consequently, the salary. There are various aspects of your personality that determine the pay check that you will take home each month.

Tall means more: For instance, a study conducted by the University of Florida indicated that people who are taller earn an extra $789 per year in comparison to shorter people. This study was supported by another study that was conducted by Princeton economists which showed that taller people are actually smarter. They tend to score more in tests and perform better at various tasks, which is why they get better paying jobs.

Thin is more lucrative than fat: Even with people who are thinner, the salary is higher and so is the job position. In a study, candidates were asked to score job aspirants on the basis of different categories like employability, suitability and salary. These candidates were given resumes that consisted of pictures of the same candidate before and after bariatric surgery. Surprisingly, the thinner job aspirants were rated higher and considered more suitable for jobs with higher skills and salaries. Having a better physique is seen as an advantage in most cases. Those who prioritize fitness earn almost 9 percent more than those who don’t. That is an average increase of about $80 per week.

Presentability has a direct influence on salary:
One of the most important things is the way an individual presents himself or herself at work. Women who wear makeup and dress appropriately are preferred over those who are not as presentable. The same applies to men who are dressed in neat formals and have a clean shaven look.

A study conducted by revealed that close to 63 percent of business owners considered women who wear make up more professional. The journal of Social Psychology has revealed that men and women who are generally attractive are often the ones with an advantage when it comes to their jobs and the salary. Even attributes like hair colour are given preferences. Studies revealed that women with blonde hair earned 7 per cent more than women with any other hair colour.

These hiring discriminations are purely based on preconceived ideas about physical attributes. However, the physical attributes are usually beyond just the looks. People also gauge how presentable an individual is, how confident he or she is, their body language and ultimately the personality that the individual portrays. For this reason, those who look better are often perceived to be more professional.

Although these qualities are useful to a large extent in the initial stage, it is ultimately the performance and the skills of an individual that help him or her excel in their industry. Only when the individual becomes an indispensable entity within an organization, he can expect his career graph to soar.