We often wonder how much our politicians earn, what are the benefits they get, and how luxurious is their way of living!!! If we look at the government records, we can actually see that the salaries of these government employees or politicians are way less than what an MNC employee can earn, but along with that salary amount, the other expenses and remunerations that they get, is way more than what an MNC owner can earn, and then not to forget the under the table income that the corrupt politicians earn and add to their already heavy bank accounts.
The basic salary of an MP could be estimated to be 12,000 to 15,000 Rs, and that seems like a decent enough amount along with other facilities that they get. But, look at the hefty list of these other expenses that they are offered and you will get a shock of your life.
The salary structure of an MP’s income in India:

  • Monthly Salary : Rs 12,000
  • Expense for constitution per month : Rs 10,000
  • Office expenditure per month : Rs 14,000
  • Traveling concession : Rs 48,000
  • Daily TA/ DA : Rs 500

Additional air fare, traveling fare, house rent, electricity expenses and many other expenses are offered to the politicians. And together, all of which makes their salary quite surprising. Have a look at this list.
Annual salaries of some political designations (including all the additional expenses) in India are:

  • President of India: 1 Crore
  • Member of Parliament : 50 Lakhs
  • Member of Legislative Assembly : 24 Lakhs
  • Municipal Corporaters (Metros) : 12 Lakhs
  • Municipal Corporaters (Towns) : 6 Lakhs
  • Municipal Corporaters ( Small Towns) : 3 Lakhs
  • Village Panchayat Members : 1.5 Lakhs

This is not the only big thing about the politicos jobs; they get amazing pensions for next five years, after they are no longer the elected representatives. And in addition to that a 25% performance bonus is also rewarded, which is based on the ratings, provided by the electors in any constituency.

Their salaries are already a shock to us, and then we get to see their bungalows in posh areas, with daily mowed lawns and 24 hours electricity. Every time they are on streets, you get to see their branded cars, from Ambassadors to Mercedes. The perks and pay you get as a politician in the country, draws people to this profession as bears to honey, and hence many people are interested in this field, irrespective of their qualifications and real interests, because money becomes the sole interest here.

The salaries of the politicians is a major bone of contention between private and government sectors, as government’s pressure on private sectors make the latter to ask the former to have a self check. This has given birth to corruption and many other problems in the country. The politicians, if work honestly and according to the rules of humanity, will not be questioned by any person. But the deadly figures of their bank accounts and their lavish lifestyles do make us raise our eyebrows and question, as to where exactly the economy of the country is going!!!