Gone are the days when all that a college student had to take care of, were assignments, attendance and new outfits for each college function; the new world of technology and social media has achieved great progress, making these young students smarter and brighter from their ages, and encourage them to achieve more than what their simple student lives offer them.

The students these days prefer to gain a professional experience, while still studying so that they are completely prepared for the big world, as soon as they are through with their studies. The youngsters today have been able to achieve a perfect balance between their studies and their professional jobs, firstly, because they are so determined in their minds to achieve bigger and better outcomes for themselves, and secondly, because the employers and technology are coming up with such good options of employment for these youngsters, that juggling this double life has become easier for the students.

The part time jobs offered by many employers in the form of work from home system and the freelancing working are few of these professional options.

One of the reasons, why these youngsters prefer to work, part time, while studying is because of their high ambitions and desire to learn more and more as fast as they can, while there is another category of these youngsters, who prefer to earn while learn so that they can sustain themselves in the highly demanding and competitive world of fashion and higher studies. They simply want to be able to take care of their monetary requirements themselves, so that they can enjoy a certain lifestyle and fun of this particular phase. Being able to be financially independent and having a control over their pockets, help them in growing as responsible individuals, provided they do that under proper guidance and maturity.

Most of the students abroad follow this particular way of life, as they begin to work while still in High School. In Western countries, lot of students work part time, in restaurants, as tutors, as baby sitters, as shop attendants, and under many other profiles, and take care of their own expenses. While in India students still prefer to wait for their school to get over, and once they enter college, they start to look for options through which they can make some money as well.

The most popular part time jobs that youngsters prefer for an earning along with their studies are:

Private Tutor

Though you yourself are a student, there are some school students who are weak in their studies, and whose parents do not have time enough to help them; tutoring such students is a very good part time work for college students, offering them opportunity to groom themselves and to earn their pocket money.

Part Time Receptionist

Many big companies, who follow busy working hours and rigorous work schedules, offer part time options to young students. These jobs offer the students a chance to make a pocket money. They offer various shifts to people, in various designations, and for a student, receptionist is a good position to begin with.

Salesman / Salesgirl

Comparatively easier and accessible job for young students, this job only requires working hours for limited time. You can apply for the shifts that suit your own schedule, and you can also brush up your interaction skills through this job. Learn while earning through this job, and get some confidence for future prospects.

Restaurant Attendant

This is another popular part time job for college students, which is convenient for them, as they can choose the limited working hours according to their own schedule. You need to work on your hospitality skills, and communication, and as a restaurant attendant you can make a good salary for yourself, and take care of your pocket perfectly.

Freelance Writer

Witnessing a boom day by day, and very easily approached, this particular industry is a hit among young students and especially aspiring writers. Many companies offer opportunities to these students to earn while working from the comfort of their homes. This industry asks for limited working hours, but brilliant writing skills. You can also freelance for reputed newspapers and magazines and explore options for your future as well.

These are some popular part time options that the young students prefer, to earn a pocket money, while studying also. These part time options help them a lot to grow and to learn some professionalism, which they can incorporate in their future prospects.