Sport is an exciting profession in terms of money making opportunities. Apart from the salaries that players receive from the government of India, sportspersons earn a lot of money through endorsements. Also, players in almost every sport hold an honorary government job and get salaries from that avenue as well. In the present day, the importance of sports in the country has gone up significantly and subsequently, sportspersons earn a lot more than what the sportspersons of yesteryears were earning. Given below is a discussion of the salaries earned by players in three very popular sports in India – cricket, tennis and hockey.

Salary of Cricket Players in India

Cricket is the most popular sports in India and cricket players earn the best salaries among all sportspersons. Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) pays handsome salaries to the players. Players are divided into three Grades  A, B and C. Annual retainership fees for Grade A players is INR 1 crore, for Grade B players is INR 50 lakhs and Grade C players is INR 25 lakhs. Apart from these salaries, cricket players are paid INR 7 lakh for every test match, INR 4 lakh for every ODI and INR 2 lakh for every T20 match. Besides these, players get a lot of money for being part of IPL teams. Ranji Trophy players are paid much lesser than the players of the national squad. Champions of Ranji Trophy are awarded INR 2 crores which has to be split among all players. Runners up are awarded INR 1 crore and the third position teams are awarded INR 50 lakhs. Recently, BCCI decided to award INR 12,000 per match for every player, apart from the match winning money.
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Salary of Hockey Players in India

Hockey is the national sport of India. In the past decade or so, hockey has lost the eminence which it enjoyed in the country and salaries of hockey players are lesser than those of cricket. In fact, they are some of the lowest paid players among different sports. Indian hockey players were not paid salaries for quite some time and had to go on strike to demand their rightful salary. Since players have no contracts with the Hockey India federation, players do not get salaries but get match remunerations. However, contracts are in line and once formed, players are likely to get INR 15 lakhs per annum as retainership fee but not all players. In deciding the retainership fee, 50 percent weightage is to be given to fitness levels and another 50 percent is for overall performance. The governing body has mentioned a clause that if the team manages to reach into the top six teams of the world, the retainership fee will be significantly hiked. In addition, players are likely to get INR 25000 per match.

Salary of Football Players in India

Football seems to be in a better state than hockey, although it does not match up to cricket’s earning potential. Indian football players in the national squad earn a salary of INR 50 lakh per annum. When compared to the international standard, these salaries are much lower. For players who play for clubs, the remuneration varies from player to player and from one club to another. Mahesh Gawli signed INR 1 crore deal with Dempo Sports Club. Sunil Chettri signed INR 38 lakh deal with East Bengal. So, the money which football players earn varies widely.

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