Wondering how to etch out a career built on trust and dependence of your employers? Reeling under the stress of making a mark at your concern? Doing some homework or working properly on developing quality traits can just be the right answers to all your queries or for that problems. If you have embarked on the said task, it’s absolutely essential for you to know what companies are looking for in their employees or even prospective employees. Here is a list:

Proper Behavior: A well wrought resume might have landed you in your dream job, but your real test begins as you step in for your interview. Remember, the fact that you have been called for the interview itself shows that your prospective hirers have imposed certain faith in you. Don’t mar that impression with brashness, overconfidence or even a tinge of lack of politeness. Whether you are able to crack the job interview or not is a different matter altogether. Don’t be governed by aggravating emotions even if you think that there are little chances of you grabbing the profile. On the other hand, if you are selected maintain cordial relations with your seniors and colleagues at work. Generate good vibes just as you did at your interview.

Pro activeness: It might take a little time to get a hang of things at workplace. But once you have an idea of the workings you might take baby steps towards showing your willingness to take up a new challenge or for that matter willingly engage yourself in learning something from your senior even if it does not appear very important at present.

Willingness to learn: This is something which is a must for every employee, completely irrespective of his/her hierarchy. The eagerness to learn and improve on your present credentials is appreciated by recruiters without fail. You must have answered innumerable interview questions regarding your learning capacities backing them with huge claims. Thus always try to live up to them. Don’t prove to be a disappointment by acting otherwise. Make yourself a proud choice of your recruiters and never back down from learning even a little thing.

Punctuality: The lack of punctuality is considered to be a glaring flaw. Be it workplace, family function, a friendly meet up or a social do, act in sync with your clock. Take the trouble to inform your manager if you are late owing to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. This is something which inevitably shows that you are serious about your work. Remember all your good work like staying back late at office for meeting deadlines, helping your colleagues in times of need etc can be renderd undone if you frequently turn up late at office.

Leadership: Yes this is something which companies at present badly miss. Amidst all the cut throat competition and rivalry among professionals, deep down inside there is always a desire to leave a legacy behind. There are some thorough going professionals out there who want to mentor their successors, are more than willing to pass on the baton to someone who they think is worthy, even if they are in no way going to claim ownership of the concerned organization in future. If you have such seniors around you don’t miss an opportunity to hone your leadership skills with their help. Try to rise to the occasion by coming up with feasible solutions, helping your teammates in need and motivating them as well.
Reliability, cleanliness, and ability to handle critical situations are some of the other qualities which will be appreciated in the long run!