A recent survey undertaken to determine the gross income of India’s film industry revealed that the highest paid actor at present is none other than our very own Boss, Rajnikanth. Hardly a surprising result if we keep his immense popularity among the fans in mind. The other actors who closely followed his lead are Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Amir Khan.

There were reports that Rajinikanth hes received Rs.35 Crores as remuneration for the latest film ‘Kabali’ which along with his collection office share of Rs.45 crores rose up to Rs.80 Crores.

No wonder Rajni is the top most actor in every respect, be it the success of his movies or the fan following that has transcended boundaries and spread all across the world. He is regarded all over the world as one of the most noted actors of all times. India honoured this talented actor with the third most prestigious civilian award, Padma Bushan in the 2000 for his contribution to the film industry of the country. Apart from acting, Rajnikanth has also worked as a producer as well as a screenwriter.

Reportedly for the grand success of the movie Endhiran which was made in Hindi as Robot, he got a total payment of 57 Crore including a part of the share of the total profit the film made at the box office. His standard amount for any movie is now fixed to not less than 23 Crore plus 25% of the net profit the movie will make. His movies are known to make enormous money at the box office due to the mere fact that Rajni Sir will be starring in it. His movie Endhiran made a whopping 450 Crore but of course the production house claimed that they made only a profit of 179 Crore as 132 Crore was the budget of the movie itself.

His upcoming movies are Raana which won’t be as big as Endhiran where budget is concerned but Rajnikanth is sure to make another big money out of it. He will also be sharing the gross profit of this movie since Ocher Studies is co producing it along with Eros International. No other actor comes close to Rajnikanth where payment is concerned. His figures are always sky high and the production house readily pays him such huge sums of money as the success of the movie of guaranteed at any cost.

Rajnikanth usually takes his payment only after the shoot of the film is complete. But reportedly for Raana he has already taken the money. That might be because of the fact that he has fallen severely ill during the shoot and had to be hospitalised. Dhanush says that the actor will be back on the stage within the next 10 days. Another movie that is due to release during the time of Diwali and Rajnikanth as its lead is Kochadiayaan.

After all there is no business like that showbiz industry where actors make insane amount of money by doing just a movie or two. Stars make full use of their acting talent and popularity and deliver super hits. This has turned many actors into producers as well. Some of many are Shah Rukh, Amir, Saif and Salman as well.

Getting into production insure them the hefty sum of money that will be receiving as the net profit in case the movie does really well at the box office.