If you are asked this simple question, “Salary or reward- What motivates you more?”; you should give some time to think over it before replying.

Salary is definitely an integral part of the job and nothing can beat it, but is salary the only thing you work for? Imagine situation 1, where you are working for long hours, being totally committed to the company and at the end of each month, except the large pay packet you do not hear any words of appreciation.

Now, let’s see situation 2, where the salary you get meets your monthly financial needs and lets you save a little amount to meet your small and medium financial goals. At the end of the year or quarter, you get a letter of appreciation from the CEO, along with a certificate and memento. All of your colleagues are cheering for you and the seniors are also appreciating the work you have put towards the company productivity. Comparing the two situations, which one would motivate you more?

Though getting a high pay packet would help you to meet all your financial needs, in the long run you would feel tired and demotivated without a single word of appreciation. Whereas, getting regular rewards from the senior, in terms of appreciative words, certificates, small gifts and memento definitely would boost up your spirits and leave you contented. Even after retirement, you can fondly reminisce about the company, your working days and proudly show the rewards to the young generations in your family.

So, you should work in such a company which sees to your financial needs and appreciates your hard work on a regular basis.