Port management is a combination of different activities in small and large ports. The activities vary from managing the arrival and departure of ships, loading and unloading of numerous types of goods and cargo, and storing them in warehouses to their custom clearances. In addition to these, ports require managers who deal with managing the port and ship workforce, allocating warehouses, anchorages, tugs, channels and berths, and are also involved with the flow of information, goods and money. Port management is therefore a huge and complex job with a lot of growth opportunities and attractive remuneration. Here is an overview of the salary and career prospects of port management in India:

How to become a Port Manager in India?

Port management courses are available in a number of institutes across the country. You can pursue courses either in the undergraduate level (B.Sc.) or post graduate level (MBA and PG Diploma). There are several specializations that students can opt for in the post graduate level like Foreign Trade, Supply Chain, Finance and Logistics. The eligibility criteria for the post graduate courses may vary from one institute to another. Some institutes only admit engineering graduates, while others admit students from all streams. You might have to sit for entrance tests to get admission to the institute in the post graduate level. Here are the top educational institutions in India that offer courses in port management:

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Name of Institute Courses offered
IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Kharagpur PG Diploma in Maritime Operation and Management
IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Madras, Chennai M.Tech in Port Management
MBA in Shipping Offshore and Finance
Certificate in Maritime Management (course for mariners)
EMBA in Maritime Management"
Academy of Maritime Education and Training, Kanathur MBA in Shipping and Port Management
National Institute of Port Management, Chennai PG Diploma in Shipping Management

Work and Growth Opportunities in Port Management in India

After completing your post graduation in shipping and port management, you can find employment opportunities in several public and private organizations. Railways and defense departments under the government, shipping corporations, transportation and logistics companies, manufacturing firms, import and export trading agencies and ports all around the Indian coasts and the world recruit port managers.

The working hours in port management can be long and demanding (often around 12 hours a day). Your work may include communicating with officials of different government departments, commercial establishments and the local community, managing operations in the port, overseeing services and activities related to shipping and port and planning the finances.

The career growth in the port manager’s professional life depends on the tenure and the type of skills you are able to hone over a period of time. After passing with a post graduate degree while you start as a port manager, with growing experience and hard work, you can move up to the level of port director, who manages more than one port.

Salary Range for Port Managers in India

The starting salary for port managers is in the range of about Rs. 144,000 to Rs. 240,000 per annum, depending on the company, the rating of the institute you pursued port management from, and location. Experienced port managers can expect an average pay package of about Rs. 1,200,000. Port managers also get several perks in addition to the salary like medical benefits, house rent allowance and retirement plans.