Salary searchers eagerly inquire for salary by skill trends. Knowing the remuneration value of one’s skill is important to negotiate salary in a new job, and to know the skills that pays highest remuneration is important in making career choices by incumbent decision makers. Wise people first find out the most demanding skill or expertise and accordingly take the apt course that suits to them. Working professionals also make efforts to upgrade skills and expertise by acquiring the most relevant skill, so that pay packet can become better in the next appraisal, or if they are heading for a job change. Professional and academic students seek to know which skill is in highest demand on the point of view of reward and remuneration.

Professional Skill Salaries IT/Engineering Skill Salaries
Doctor/Physician Salary IT Skills with highest salary
Assistant Professor Animator salary
Chartered Accountant Android developer salary
ICWA Salary PHP Developer Salary
Scientist Salary Graphic Designer Salary
Company Secretary Network Engineer Salary
Lecturer Salary SEO salary
Gynecologist Aerospace Engineer Salary
Neurosurgeon Oracle DBA salary
ISL players salary MCSE Salary
Fashion Designer Salary Linux Salary
Aviation Salary in India Aeronautical Engineer
Disco Jokie Biomedical Engineer
Pilot Salary Marine Engineer
Psychologist Salary CCNP Salary
Salary of Actuaries CCIE Salary in India
TV Actor Remuneration Java Developer salary
Cricket Players Salaries Software Engineer Salary
Event Manager Salary Web Designer Salary
Dietician Salary SAP Salary
Dentist Salary Computer Engineer Salary
Interior Designer Salary Software Testing Salary
Animator Salary SAS Professional
Dermatologist Salary  
Statistician Salary  
Economist Salary  
Orthopedic Surgeon Salary