What a great sigh of relieve, when you are sure that you have cleared the first HR round and second Technical round of an interview. You have impressed the employer and he wants you to join. But still butterflies in stomach as things can go wrong if there is a salary conflict. Some think that you can negotiate and some don’t. You can say something and you should avoid certain things while negotiating the salary.

Points to avoid while doing salary negotiation

Do not disclose

The first thing that you should remember is not to disclose what you want before they offer anything. Try to get figures from them first. This is possible that they may offer more than what you are expecting..so no worries for salary negotiation the..
Back to the point – Even if they insist you for the amount you are expecting, try giving some answers like, I am interested in the job and position and we can negotiate on the salary if required.Also do not disclose the expected salary on your cover letter and even the salary history on resume.


Once salary amount is on the table and your expectations are much higher then it is the time to negotiate. Some people think that you cannot negotiate the salary. But this is not true. Do not think that if you will negotiate then the employer will say no to you or throw you out of the office.
But be polite and at the same time justified. Do not ask what is beyond their limits. Tell them your education and how you are different from the others.
Never tell them that you are in need of money because of mortgage or so as employer is not hiring you to pay your debts, but hiring you for the job and paying you for the same.

What is the level of your satisfaction?

Everyone has expectations and level of satisfaction. You should be clear of your level like how much amount will satisfy you. Know the minimum amount that you are looking for and which will make you happy. Think in terms of what you deserve based on what you have done, your experience (if any), skills etc not just what you want.