When it comes to job opportunities, there has always been a battle going on between young freshers, coming straight out of colleges, and experienced professionals who have tried their hands in some or other area. Different worldviews look at both of them differently. While some would like to believe that a fresh mind takes an industry by storm, others consider experience to be the most important pre requisite for the betterment of an industry. But there are also some people who consider both of these to be equally important assets for any particular sector, and hence offering both of them wonderful working opportunities; private corporation sector is one of these.

But when it comes down to the government sector, they still believe that the experienced professionals have had and will always have a better merit towards all kind of jobs, as the government sectors need wise and mature decisions which are taken by an experienced man a little better than a fresh graduate or post graduate. The enthusiasm, confidence and attitude of the freshers is no doubt unsurpassable, but even after that, the government sectors require a lot of patience, thought out decisions and experience in similar cases and that’s why mostly, experienced people are preferred for various jobs, especially jobs with huge responsibilities, in government sector.

This preference does not mean that you won’t find young freshers, working in government sectors at all, in fact there are many public sector posts which offer amazing opportunities to freshers and conduct entrance examinations for direct jobs to them, but the major drawback in this particular case scenario would be the difference in salary packages. The experienced professional will have the best of it always, while the freshers will have to prove their mettle and wait for their increments.

Government sectors offer amazing pay packages, perks and pensions to their employees, so they count more on an experienced person to handle their departments efficiently and thereby rewarding them with all these benefits, rather than risk it with a fresher. If a fresher can work hard and earn the trust of his or her department, then the same benefits are offered to them as well.

In the similar manner, if for one particular profile, two people are being considered in government sector, one being an experienced man and the other a talented fresher, then the salary offered to the experienced would be much more than what it would be to the fresher, as all the years that he has dedicated in his earlier job is bound to make him more efficient and professional. In this case what they are offered is always a better prospect than their previous job, while with a fresher no such point has to be considered, as they still have to prove their worth, even to their own selves.

This is neither discrimination nor injustice; this is simply a matter of professional ethics and environment. You are valued here for your efficiency and your worth, which you can prove once you show it. So the government sectors take this particular policy very seriously, and offer remunerations to all the employees, considering their work experience as well, making it one of the most important factors of recruitment.