The present President of the India, like every other President in the history of the country is entitled to certain benefits and expenses along with her wages which is a source of curiosity for everyone. Like every other employee they get a basic monthly salary, and along with that their travel, safety, and reputation is maintained by bestowing some particular rights and benefits on them. Have a look, and get acquainted to the life and income of the country’s President.

Salary of President of India

As per the constitution, the President’s salary till 1998 was Rs 10,000, on a monthly basis, which was increased to Rs 50,000, in the year 1998, which was again increased to Rs 150,000 in the year 2008. But including all the expenses of their travels around the world, their security, their remunerations, it turns out to be a rough 2 Crores on a monthly basis, or 22.5 Crores on an annual basis.

Other benefits

The basic salary that the President of India gets is Rs 150,000, in a month, but the expenses that are made for him or her, on a monthly basis is more than a Crore, and hence rather than analyzing their salary break ups, we should analyze the additions made in it.The pension scheme for the President is also very well defined in the constitution which can take care of the entire family of the person, even after he or she leaves the post. Considering the responsibility and prestige of the highest post of the country, the salary is good enough, but the way a huge portion of economy is being dedicated to the maintenance and luxury of these government employees, it is way too much surprising for a developing