Male nursing is not a very old phenomenon in India. It has only been around ten years since care taker institutions or hospitals have been introduced to male nurses. However, with each passing year since their foray into what was primarily a female dominated field, the male nurses are slowly and steadily gaining a foothold.

In India male nurses are primarily appointed in psychiatry, Operation Theatre, male wards or emergency wards etc. They are particularly considered for ambulance calls as it needs certain strength to lift patients. The entire discussion here will focus on what kind of opportunities do the male nurses have in India based on the B.Sc nursing degree. A B.Sc degree in general enables an individual to work at different workplaces, hospitals outpatient clinics, community or schools, healthcare centres etc.

Before we go into further details it should be mentioned that salary discrepancies based on gender are very much there in India. Thus before going into the scope and growth of male nurses with BSc degree, let us compare the average salaries between men and women registered nurses not without mentioning the existing salaries based on BSc degree:

Average Nurse Salaries Per Year Nurse Salaries Per Year Based on Bachelor's Degree Average Female Nurse Salaries Per Year Average Male Nurse Salaries Per Year
INR 73,840 – INR709,292 INR 120,000 INR 400,000 (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) INR 72,730 – INR696,949 INR 90,000 – INR312,177

What is the scope of male nursing in India at present?

So much has already been said about male nursing as an evolving profession in India. The harsh truth is that the profession is yet to find acceptance in the real sense of the term. According to a Navhind Times blog published in the year 2011, Chennai had reportedly banned the entry of male nurses in the diploma courses as the core curriculum was changed and focused mainly on midwifery— an area where male nurses have almost no access till to this day in India. It has often been found that while Indian women have no problems in consulting male gynecologists, they find it excessively uncomfortable to be nursed by males. So all of you who are trying to make a career in nursing remember that in India there is very limited scope for you in pre-natal or post-natal care. However there are other areas where you can explore your possibilities:
Home Care Helpers: Provide health services to old, infirm and aiding people who prefer to go through the recovery process at their own homes— here the nurses seek due medical advice from senior medical staff.
Nursing Aides: Also known as unlicensed or geriatric nursing aides they execute regular responsibilities of a nurse under the guidance of senior nursing staff.

Psychiatric Aides: As the name itself suggests they nurse emotionally distressed or disturbed patients.
At present it is being said that there little difference if you have a BSc degree or a diploma as the demand for trained nurses is very high. Old age homes, health departments, cancer treatment, Public Health, Indian Railways health department, schools, are some of the areas where you can try your chances. Additionally keep your eyes open for the job opportunities available in the rural areas as they are facing an acute shortage of nurses.

Current Openings for Male Nurses with Bsc degree or compulsory education:
Apache Footwear India Pvt Ltd, Nellore
Multiple, Mumbai
*Salaries are subject to change without prior notice.