Teaching as a profession is considered to be one of the most respectable and sought after jobs across the world. In India every working professional has one or the other time warmed up to the idea of being a teacher, considering the respect this job commands asides from everything else like good salaries, lengthy vacations, and the thrill of shaping up young minds. Let us concentrate on how you can fare as teachers in countries like Norway, Spain, the US and Singapore.

Teaching Jobs in Norway

The whole education system of Norway is based on four stages of education namely primary, lower secondary, upper secondary and adult education. Most of the regional colleges impart a four year general teacher education. Aspirants with this qualification are eligible to teach at the primary and lower secondary levels. Other colleges offer preschool teaching as well. Preschool teaching courses enable a candidate to apply for jobs at the kindergarten and first year of primary school. Applicants with a degree (Bachelor/Master) in corresponding subjects and a year’s course in pedagogy can apply for jobs in the higher or upper secondary level. 60 credits in the subject are needed in this case. Subject teacher education (3-4 years), Vocational teacher courses, Integrated Master Degree, and Practical and Didactic Education courses are other courses.

Salaries of Teachers

A school teacher can earn around 410,232 Norwegian Krone (NOK)
According to the latest available data (2009) a teacher in the Primary level could earn up to a maximum of 43,861 NOK (equivalent USD), while someone in the upper secondary level could earn up to 46,495 NOK (equivalent USD).

Leading Institutions Providing Teaching Jobs

  1. Auburn School Department
  2. Lewiston Public Schools

Teaching Jobs in Spain

Candidates looking for teaching jobs in Spain can apply in Primary State schools, Secondary State schools, Private and Semi private schools. Ciclos Formativos is a unique course which offers practical training in electric work, plumbing and hairdressing etc. The State and polytechnic universities in the country are other possible platforms where you may want to test your chances.


As an English teacher one is entitled to bag more money in cities like Bercelona and Madrid than from someone in the rural areas because of the different costs of living.

English Teacher Salaries

  1. Public school teacher: 1,600 per month (starting salary)
  2. Private Class tutors: 20 -35 per hour (for helping in Test Preparation) and 15-20 per hour (Conversation Classes)
  3. Private Academy Instructor: 16 -25 per hour (with added benefits and paid vacations too)
  4. Summer Camp Teachers: 400 -650 per fortnight (average)
  5. Leading Institutions Providing Teaching Jobs
  6. The British School of Seville, Spain

Teaching Jobs in US

Considering the education system of the US, teaching jobs can be quite lucrative. They have a wide range of options to choose from starting from teaching in state-certified private schools, public schools, to duly sanctioned home school programs. Most of the schools, both public and private, impart education at three key levels namely “elementary school”, “middle school or junior high school” and “high school or secondary level” There is a good scope for aspirants aiming to coach at the higher levels also known as “Post Secondary” levels or college.


The US education system is committed to bring about the best from its youth as such they have ensured that the individuals employed for the task (i.e the teachers) are rewarded amply as well. Here is how their average salaries stand:

Job Category Salary
Special Education Teacher, Secondary School $44,595.00
High School Teacher $43,706.00
Secondary School Teacher $40,400.00
Special Education Teacher, Middle School $42,853.00
Middle School Teacher $41,692
Elementary School Teacher $40,186.00
Special Education Teacher, Preschool, Kindergarten, or Elementary School $41,209.00

Leading Institutions:

  1. Pacific Collegiate School
  2. Signature School
  3. Hawthorne Math and Science Academy
  4. Okemos High School
  5. Spring Lake High School
  6. International Academy
  7. Harvard University
  8. University of Chicago
  9. Stanford University

Teaching Jobs in Singapore

People looking for teaching jobs in Singapore should know that the education system primarily revolves around 5 stages namely Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, Post Secondary, and then University.


It is always advisable to check out the eligibility of any job, especially for jobs in foreign countries before applying. Here is a list of some basic qualifications required for teaching at Singapore.
Primary Level: Bachelors degree plus 2-3 years experience
Secondary Level: Honors degree from recognized university plus relevant teaching experience of at least 3-5 years
University Professor or Lecturer: University degree, plus relevant work experience and recognized Certificates like CELTA and TESOL

As a preschool teacher you can earn an average salary of $12,782 – $37,229, while as a secondary school teacher you can earn something like $23,770 – $98,841.

Famous Education Institutions

  1. Tao Nan School
  2. Anglo-Chinese School (independent) – ACS(I)
  3. Raffles Girls’ Primary School
  4. Hwa Chong Institution
  5. Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
  6. Shines College
  7. Singapore Institute of Commerce
  8. Raffles Design Institute