No matter how much we end up earning in our jobs, we are hardly satisfied with our pay packets. But here is a list of the top 10 underpaid jobs that will get you thinking. These are the jobs which require hard labor and skills but are hardly acknowledged when it comes to pay:

Domestic Help: Everyone will agree that at least in India these are the people who are paid much less than the labor they put in everyday. In the urban cities when a domestic help can earn up to around only INR 5000 a month, it is worse in the semi urban and rural areas. Mostly these people have the independence of working at several homes at a time; still their earnings seldom reach more than INR 3000 a months in cities like Kolkata and its worse in the rural areas. On top of that they are not awarded any pensions or Provident fund either!

Dishwashers in restaurants: In America the salary of a dishwasher starts from something around $15,000. They have some of the most laborious tasks at hand like working in warm kitchens, and stacking of pans and stacks of plates.

Garbage Collectors/ Sweepers: The salary of these people starts from something around $16,000 in the US. Sweepers in India will rank high in the list of people with meager pay. Their earnings close to around INR 30 a day from each house.

Security Guard: Their job involves the hazardous risks of dealing with emergency situations like fire, vandalism, illegal activities etc. However, their efforts are hardly acknowledged. Even in the US their average salary is something around $23,900.

Private Tuitions: Though it cannot be considered to be a full time job, in India there are many students who are willing to coach a few students to earn those extra bucks. Sadly enough they are not paid more than around INR 300 – INR 500 a month for a subject. Additionally there are some coaching classes which offer as low as INR 40 –INR 50 per class.

Medical Technicians: Emergency Medical Technicians or EMTs are much in demand in the US as they are the ones who treat serious patients or victim of an accident, before they are taken to high paid doctors. Their salaries start from something around $21,000. Situation is hardly better for compounders or small time medical practitioners in India.

Social Worker: The average salary of a social worker is around $40,680. However instead of the work stress related to their job profiles these workers have reportedly expressed their satisfaction derived out of the thrill of these jobs.

Conductors/Helpers of Private Buses: In India the conductors of private buses are paid peanuts. However, they have the provision of earning some commissions on the basis of ticket sales. This is the reason why many a lives have been put in danger, especially in West Bengal, where conductors are often found violating safety norms to get more passengers.

Fitness Worker: It is really shocking to know that impressive levels of fitness consciousness have failed to ensure an equally impressive pay packet for fitness trainers. In America their average pay is around $31,030.

Waiters in small time hotels: Waiters or “boys” in small hotels and restaurants are paid little. In India, the situation is worse as even young boys are employed for these tasks. The owners often resort to bad practices, depriving the little children of their rightful pay.