Below are listed the top ten worst jobs in India. The entire list has been compiled keeping the general working conditions, nature of pay and job recognition in view.

Manual Scavengers or Sewer Divers: Though the practice of manual scavenging or unclogging of filthy drains without proper protective measures is not permitted in India, many of the government agencies, throughout the country refuse to abide by the rule. Many of these drainage sewers are provided with minimal wages and not even a square meal to carry out this job. Around 61 sewers lost their lives in the last few months alone.

Maids or housekeepers: Again, another addition to the top 10 most thankless jobs in our country, Indian maids or for that matter housekeepers settle for minimum pays. What more? Unlike the professional job holders, neither do they have the comfort of post retirement benefits nor weekly holidays.

Ambulance Drivers: Entrusted with one of the riskiest jobs in the country of handling life and death situations as well, the pay that they are entitled on an average (INR 6000- 7000 per month) is definitely not worth it.

Telemarketers or telesales: The nature of this job itself might induce many of the potential job seekers to shy away from taking up this profession. Most of the times when these telemarketers call up potential customers, they are greeted with cold vibes and sometimes abuses as well.

Hospital or nursing home attendees: Come to think of it. If a serious patient is able to recoup in the hospital, who do we generally thank? The immediate answer to that would be the doctors, first and then may be the nurses. How many of us do actually give credit to the ever vigilant attendees keeping up with the tedious job of changing dirty bed pans, providing sponge baths and inserting catheters? Not many. That, kind of, answers the question why these jobs are placed among the top 10 worst jobs in India.

Teaching: Much as you will be surprised to see this highly respected profession being placed here, know for a fact that as per a recent report, teaching stands as one of the least paying jobs in India, as against the top corporate management professionals or consultants.

Dish washers in roadside eateries: Again one of the reasons why this profile is mentioned here is the unimpressive pay. Plus the lack of basic hygiene standards in our roadside eateries is also a major drawback.

Bus drivers: One of the riskiest professions in India, where road accidents owing to rash driving is a common phenomenon, this one could not be excluded from our list.

Customer Care Executives: As against their counterparts dealing with telemarketing, out customer care executives might have not to make incessant calls to customers. On the other hand, they have to receive calls from customers on a regular basis, with most of them expressing dissatisfaction with company services and hurling abuses as well.

Lab Assistants: Entrusted with the major risk of getting rid of the alpha emitting substances from the lab, this job surely is one of the riskiest.