More than 94 per cent of total working population of India are employed in small business establishments, home based enterprises, and self-entrepreneurship ventures that can be categorised under the unorganized segment of the national economy. Roughly 2.75 crores workers are engaged in the organized sector. It’s very alarming to note that there are many Indian companies that are amongst the worst paymasters in the world, especially the IT establishments. The top 10 Indian companies that only have a very demoralizing work environment but also pay their employees very poorly are as follows:-

List of the Companies in India Giving Worst Salaries to Their Employees

Transworld Compressor Technologies Ltd. Pune, Maharashtra

Many past employees of Transworld Compressor Technologies have had a harrowing experience while working with this firm. They’ve gone to record their opinions on different websites and almost 99% of them said that the organization did not have an encouraging work culture, salaries were much below the industry standards and never paid on time. The company held back the first month’s salary as security deposit and never reimbursed the same after one left the company.

Syntel Ltd. Pune, Maharashtra

One employee of Syntel Ltd. has gone on record saying that the salary earned by him was much less than what a gas station employee received. Moreover, the organization’s employment policies clearly smacked of nepotism and favouritism. The working atmosphere was also not conducive for career growth. A majority of the employees felt that the company did not have ethical employment policies and a supportive working atmosphere.

CornerStone Technologies, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Numerous employees of CornerStone Technologies have openly accused the establishment’s owners of being fraudsters. They have further iterated that salaries are usually paid in the latter half of the month and sometimes even paid after two or three months. Most of the day to day work is done by fresh recruits and less experienced workers.

Sphinx Network Solutions, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

One recruiter for Sphinx Network Solutions has had a bad experience working for the company. She said that she had supplied many able candidates to the company and is yet to get her dues from the firm. Furthermore, many employees said that their pay packets were poor and they never received their salaries on time.

Lakshmi Kumaran Sridharan, Chennai (branches all over India)

Many employers have said that the company followed a policy of discrimination when paying salaries to its employees. Since this was firm based in Chennai, the employers were South Indian and they paid higher salaries to South Indian employees compared to their North Indian counterparts. The salaries were also much below the industry averages.

Jindal Steel Works

JSW is a one large organization that pays poorly to its employees. Many employees felt that the work culture is dreadful and only the lower level employees work in the organization. The middle–level and top level management only support and promote people who grease their palms. This is what a majority of the employees had to say about the company’s organizational culture.

TCY Online, a learning solutions company

This company offers franchisees for maths tutoring online. This organization has defrauded many people of their hard earned money in USA, says many of the franchisee owners. Most of those who teach online have not received the amounts they were promised and sometimes the payments were made very late.

Many employees have gone on record to warn prospective employees not to join this online organization because they hire and fire people at will and often do not pay full salaries for the number of months one has worked in the organization. Employees in operations and customer support department simply do not get job satisfaction while working as their salaries are not commensurate with their position. 

FairTech Engineering Services

One employee had many negative things to say about the company. Firstly, the company did not have any expertise in Aerospace engineering as it claimed. Then again, the company had lost over 8 clients in just one year. Talking about salaries, they were hardly paid on time and were not upto the mark.

CTCL India, Noida, NCR

CTCL is actually a Taiwanese company that has business interests in India. Many employees felt that the salaries were not in consonance with the amount of output they gave and less than half of what their counterparts earned in Taiwan or USA. The company did not a personal development program in place for the employees and the management was not supportive.

To conclude, it can be said that there are many other companies in India that do not have an optimal work culture or pay respectable salaries to their employees. So, if you’re on the threshold of beginning your career, carefully research about all the organizations where you’re going to appear for an interview.