As per the findings of a fairly recently concluded survey, the city that emerged as the one with the highest salary growth is Pune with a whopping 17.8 per cent pay increase in the first segment of the year 2011. Quite surprisingly, it had left behind the major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai to acquire the top position among Indian cities with the most significant salary increase. Let us find out more on cities gained prominent positions among the ones where salaries are clearly on a rise.

Pune: As per industry experts, the tremendous growth rate (figures are already mentioned above) registered by Pune is owing to its ability to offer jobs to its residents despite the unstable economic situation. Additionally, the efforts on the major companies to control the rate of attrition have attracted investors in large numbers. It is expected that this momentum will be maintained in the coming days as well.

Bangalore has emerged as the city with the second highest growth rate (16.9 per cent) after Pune, as per salaries are concerned. As per available information, this city, often known as the IT hub in India, has remained the best paying city in the year 2012. Additionally as per an Assocham survey, Bangalore is among the leading cities in India that has created the maximum number of job opportunities for Indians. Some of the most sought after jobs in this city are offered by its BPO, Software, and Engineering and Biotechnology sectors. The highest average salary can be touch something around INR 5, 76,274 per year.

Mumbai: Mumbai trailed Bangalore only by a little margin where it registered a salary growth of 16.8 percent as per the study. For a long time the city had enjoyed an undisputed status when it came to providing jobs in Maharashtra. However, now Pune has taken over that position from Mumbai. But Mumbai still remains among the top 10 competitive cities in India. The city is expected to continue its golden run as per as employee salaries are concerned. Known as the commercial capital of India, job opportunities are least expected to dry down in the city. At present one can expect to earn INR 4,96,943 on an average, with due variations based on experience, employment status etc.

Delhi: As the fifth highest paying city in India, Delhi offers tremendous growth opportunities as far as employee wages are concerned. At present one can expect something around INR 482,218 per year as salaries that is only going to be better in the coming years. The most popular jobs in this city include those from the Telecommunications, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Media, Banking, Hotel and Tourism sectors.

Hyderabad: The reason why this city features in this list is because it was considered to be the fourth best paying city in India in the year 2012. As of now the city on an average pays something around INR 4, 83,118 and as per industry experts, if you have chosen this city as your preferred job destination, you are on the right track.

*Relevant information has been sourced from a survey conducted by Ma Foi Ranstad on Employment Trends ( and from