After completing the study you look for the job. Once you get the job and you are satisfied with your present work and family scenario, you remain in that job for a long period of more than 10 years. But is it good for your career growth? Probably not in every case. You have to be very aggressive while planning your career path

Think and take decision

Whose career is this? This is your career and you have to think about it. So take the charge and decide what you want in life.

Don’t be satisfied

Satisfaction – a big hurdle in career growth. Once you are satisfied, you will stop to hunt and think. So don’t be satisfied as far as your professional growth is concerned. Think what you want to be and where you will be in the coming five years. Make the five years plan for your career. You plans should be long term and very strategic.


This is the most important step to grow in life. Each one has a plan either big or small but every one does not act on those plans to convert these into reality. So taking action is the most important. If you are planning to do a course for your further growth, do that. Even while you are in job, then also you have to act to grow.

Make friends

Making friends even when you don’t need them. Sounds silly but it really works in the long run. This creates the network of friendship and goodwill that you may need in future.

Value your career options

Value your career over the period of time.
Adding dimensions: For this check if you are adding new dimensions to your experience. To achieve this you have to rotate across the business unit. This will give you an experience on how the things work. Like if you are portal manager then you should be familiar with the technical aspect, content management system, content, promotion, updation, routine work etc.

Do you own any specialization? You are working working and working, but without adding any specialization to your career. This means after five years you will be no where. So do not hesitate to add dimension but strive for specialization.

Measure your success At the end of the day it is imperative to measure the success that you have gained over the period of time. Think of the factors that have lead to that.

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