Mastering a craft might take up a lot of your time, may be, your whole life time. However, it is always advisable to have a firm grip of a particular trade rather than playing around the bushes with a host of them. Yes, working on you multiple skills is not a bad idea but not without mastering at least one of them. The present job scenario demands that you master at least one skill, while keeping a track of others as well. The general trend shows that it is difficult to make a breakthrough in the top notch recruiters’ lists if a candidate lacks niche skills. The reasons why the absence of niche skills often leads to disappointment both for the hirer and the recruiter is listed below:

Unimpressive CV: Yes just think about it. How would the recruiters feel like coming across a resume saddled with a host of skills, each described briefly, without reflecting your mastery over them? They are mostly likely to be baffled by the absence of niche skills. On the other hand if you have mastered a craft or a field you can easily prioritize your skills accordingly on your CV (with your niche skills placed above other lesser mastered skills) thereby giving a clear idea to a recruiter about your mastery so that he/she can easily determine whether those skills coincide with their needs or not.

Works as a Confidence Spoiler: There is a reason why several training courses encompassing several aspects of particular fields like Management, teaching, etc are being introduced every second day here. They are meant to give an edge to candidates who are willing to boost their knowledge of their chosen fields. Recruiters out there are on the lookout for candidates who are willing to push the envelope with their superior technical knowhow (of course of their chosen field), solid knowledge and innovative ideas. It is only possible when they are armed with services of employees having a firm grasp of their respective fields. In the highly competitive job market where a prospective employee or a even a full time employee is exploring several means like special courses, correspondence courses or full time diplomas or degrees to excel at his field, you are bound to feel a bit low on confidence if you find that at the end of the day what you have is only a graduate degree which is not by any means related to the job you have applied for—or for that matter if you end up admitting something like, ‘ I know a little about everything but can’t talk about something at length’ at your interview. This is definitely going to reflect a kind of superficiality about your knowledge, which in turn is least likely to please your interviewer.

On the other hand your niche skills help you to narrow down your job search in a major way. You know very well what you can do best, what you can talk about at length, what your strength is, how you can add on them, what you want in life and how to go about it in an organized manner rather than wasting your time on several things at a time.

The absence of niche skills is less likely to help you in the long run: Yes even if you have got a job banking on your multiple skills, you will be assigned with a particular task at your workplace. However if you keep on refusing to add to your basic knowledge it is not going to help you in the long run. For example if you are working in the IT department, your manager will definitely appreciate if you help other departments occasionally. However if you consistently fail to solve critical problems in your own field he will not be too pleased either!


Thus as mentioned earlier acquiring mastery in your field is not an overnight process. It takes a lot of time, effort, and a keen interest to boost your learning on your part to transform your liking into your passion! However don’t shy away from learning even after you have got your desired job. Being a ‘jack of all trades’ does not necessarily mean that you are ‘a master of none’! Your interests may vary vastly. But if you feel like you are forcefully thrusting yourself on something which does not interest you at all it is better to stick to your interests instead of being a jack of all trades!