Looking for what to expect from the job market after you have been out of it for some-time? Well, it is a very common concern for a lot of people; as it is often seen many take a break from their jobs for several different reasons. It is true that a break is a bump in your career and its bad parts include:

  • Getting a job might be difficult.
  • Getting the same pay might be difficult.
  • You might have to compromise on the position you join in.
  • You might be out of practice of doing what you used to do.

However, the good news is, these are all may-bes and you can overcome them. So, if you are wondering what salary expectation you should have under such a situation, the answer is very subjective. A lot depends on the reason and the time period you have taken a break for. If your break was for getting a higher degree that you can add to your resume, then it is a value addition to your career.  With the degree in hand you are in a better place now than before and you can demand a better job with a better pay. Do a thorough research to find out how much employers are paying in your location for someone with similar skills and expertise as yours. And when asked what your salary expectation is, do not hesitate to offer a number that you deserve to get.

On the other hand, if your break has been for personal reasons, for example- sickness, to take care of a new born, or other household commitments, then it is a negative to your career. How big is the damage, depends on the time period you have taken the break for. Say for example, you had a new born and you took a break for 6 years to take care of your child; it is quite a big gap and getting back in the job market would be difficult. In such cases it is often seen that finding a job in the same company you had worked for in the past in comparatively easier than in a new one. People in your previous organization are likely to understand your situation more and might be willing to take you back in. You can also expect to join with the same pay as before.

Another option would be seeking help from the contacts you had developed during your span of career. Contacts are always a good way of finding a job. Good public relations come long way in such cases. If you have maintained good PR with your contacts, then you have a better chance of finding a job. However, you shouldn’t keep your expectations too high and prepare your mind for some career compromises. For example- you might not get the same position as you had earlier, your pay might be lower than before, etc. In worst case scenario, if you are unable to find a job of your chose, it might be a good idea to compromise a little on your expectations.

There might have been a pause in your career but it’s not the end of it. So without losing anymore time, go and give it your best shot in finding a job and regain the career you once had. Good luck!