The popularity of the Arab states among India and other Asian countries, for employment, is not a surprising factor anymore for the people of these countries, but it is surprising to see how some of the popular Arab nations, are competing with each other in order to establish themselves as the most sought out employers in Asia, and especially in monetary terms.

We have heard of Dubai, its leading industrial sectors, sky scrapers, hotels and economic stability; and have acknowledged it as one of the best country for employment, where you can make a good money as well as a great career for yourself in whichever area you want, but in the recent times, Kuwait is emerging as a strong rival for Dubai, in terms of job opportunities and playing as an economic magnet.

Dubai’s amazing job opportunities, extravagant places, luxurious and lavish life style, all have played a wonderful role, but in the times of recession it seems to have overdone things a bit, and thereby providing opportunities to other nations to establish themselves on the same grounds as leading job providers for expatriates, and Kuwait is one of them.

Kuwait offers not just brilliant job opportunities, but is attracting many expatriates through many tempting perks and benefits, unbelievable salary packages; stable and long term professional association and even citizenship and self arranged visas. All these facilities by Kuwait are drawing a lot of attention from the people of India and other Asian countries where employment is one of the troubling issues of the government as well as people.

Besides being an oil- based economy, Kuwait has achieved a lot of development in its other industrial sectors as well, after its liberation from Iraq, while the standard of living that the Middle East is popular for, is an innate characteristic of Kuwait as well. So one gets a lot of wonderful facilities working in Kuwait, though the fact cannot be ignored that owing to its recent liberation from a politically disturbed nation, it still feels a little threatened in terms of peace.

While Kuwait is undoubtedly making a lot of progress in terms of offering fresh and attractive job opportunities, its leading politicos and officials are keen on introducing professional schemes, like scrapping the employers’ sponsorship for expatriates’ visas, as this costs them too much money and labor. A job seeker may look at all the brilliant opportunities knocking at his door, from Kuwait, but at the end trust is also a prime factor, where Dubai has had many shots from last many years.

Though the salaries in both the countries are great and very promising, the expenses are far greater in Dubai and savings would be far better in Kuwait; but in terms of life, enjoyment and recreation Dubai has an upper hand over Kuwait. And it is also noteworthy that in terms of Salary also Kuwait is playing the part of a charmer, coming out of its shell, and giving a tough competition to Dubai.

So a person who is looking for job in Arab countries and seriously considering these two countries need to do his research well, and see for himself what he would like better; a grand lifestyle or a better savings; and choose the best place according to his requirement.