Once in a while in your otherwise successful career you might hit a rough patch, when the right kind of job does not come your way owing to several reasons. However, remember that it is not the time to brood but to sit back and analyze! Why are you not getting your job? Is it entirely your fault or are there factors beyond your control? Mostly it’s a combination of both. Here’s more on why you are not getting the job:

Focusing too much on the “perfect” job:

Looking for the perfect job for yourself? Great! Focusing only on the perfect job with a complete dismissal of any offer coming your way? Not that great– especially when it comes to a time when you are almost struggling to land up with a job. There will be jobs which you think might be tailor made for you. But it’s not a bad idea to consider related job offers at least once in a while. Even going for an interview and giving it a shot can only prove helpful. Also meeting new people and being appreciated for something which you never thought you could excel at can do a world of good for your confidence!

Improper CV:

An impressive, well crafted resume can strengthen your job search in a major way. Hirers out there have to go through a number of candidate profiles everyday and can only zero in on the preferred ones just by having a look at their CV. On the other hand an improper, haphazardly composed CV can jeopardize your chances of getting selected. So think—is your resume impressive enough to attract the attention of recruiters? Is it updated? Does it properly reflect your eagerness to grab your desired profile at an organization? Does it have the right kind of formal and informal elements to strike a chord with employers? If your answer to any of these questions is a “no”, then you have a lot to do.

Restricted Job Search:

If you are restricting your job search only to newspapers and job portals then it is clearly time for change. Establishing reliable contacts through various Social Networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn etc, is the order of the day. You might end up losing out on the host of opportunities presented by these sites, if you are not willing to utilize your Social Media or Social Networking presence for finding the right job for yourself.

Unprofessional Attitude:

There are a number of ways in which unprofessionalism is reflected. Have you attended a spree of interviews in improper clothes? Have you left your last interview on a bad note? Have you left a bad impression at the last organization? Or did you at any point of time consider various job offers, have a word with all the prospective employers and choose only one of them without even informing the others? Did you purposely avoid these employers’ calls and emails after getting the job? If your answer is a yes, then you have been unprofessional and this can be one of the potent reasons behind your failure to find a job. Maintaining healthy relations with colleagues and managers, and even prospective employers can help you when you are in need of a job. You can always seek their help for personal recommendations. Even when you are in talks with several hirers and have decided to choose one of them over the other, be polite enough to inform your decision to the others as well. Tell them that you have gone for one of the jobs at present but would like to keep in touch with them for future purposes. Thus if you have no job at hand at present you can always give these hirers a call and at least discuss your chances at their organization.

Lack of experience:

Hirers out there are constantly looking ways to consolidate their presence in the market by investing on experienced individuals armed with quick problem solving abilities, great analytic skills etc. Most of them are apprehensive of recruiting freshers, since a lot of time is consumed in training and introducing them to the business. This is not something which you can control. However, you can try out those two three months’ jobs during your school or college vacations and boost your experience a little.