In 21st century, when everyone talks about having equality on the basis of nationality, religion, class, gender and so on, we still haven’t got a complete equality in the same above mentioned arenas. We can still see and read about racial attitude of people, differentiation on the basis of religion, privileges that some upper classes enjoy above common middle class man and gender inequalities where women are treated as the second and inferior sex. We can see the inequality towards female employees, in the corporate world, where even after being equally qualified and talented, most of the times women are paid less and treated as inferiors.

Evelyn Murphy, writer and social worker, has written a book about the same issue, where she has not only discussed this inequality on gender basis, but also given suggestions to overcome that. Murphy is a social – political worker, who has achieved the recognition of being the first female lieutenant governor of Massachusetts in 1986, and is now associated with the group WAGE, Women Are Getting Even, as the President, and through various workshops helps women in understanding their position and their talent, and provides confidence to them in earning an equal pay. Her book, Getting Even: Why Women Aren’t Paid Like Men & What to Do about It, discusses this issue on a deeper level.

The reason why this issue has suddenly taken a limelight is the increasing awareness of female employees and their potential, which is not getting a worthy attention, and all because of pre conceived notions and old worldviews about female employees. Some of the general ideas associated with the low wages of females are, that they don’t put much labor in their work as male employees do, they can’t work during hectic schedules and odd hours, they can’t go for outdoor emergency meetings, and that their household responsibilities draw more of their attention from their work towards home. All this is not true, as in Multi National Companies, various government sectors and institutions women are proving all this as false and showing their mettle.

With women employees, the companies would unnecessarily include certain problems like, they would be working part time, their maternity leaves, their safety issues and so on, while the truth is that today’s professional woman has left all these things behind and has been able to form a perfect balance. But still they earn only 77 cents for every male dollar, and this is all due to plain old discrimination, discrimination by sex segregation, and discrimination against mothers.

On a much larger note, it is the old beliefs that still are hampering the progress of women, as a community, and are creating hurdles for them in a professional place. If the merit will be honored and rewarded honestly, then everyone will be able to see, how the women of 21st century have the potential to juggle their domestic and professional lives perfectly.

With the intervention of socio-political reforms and media, we can actually overcome this problem, and an equal contribution and understanding from corporate world, to value potential over pre conceived notions, would play its part.

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